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PlayStation Plus: a game offered in August 2021 confirmed at the State of Play

Among the independent games presented during the State of Play tonight, there was Hunter’s Arena: Legends, a multiplayer action game in East Asia far from unknown, as it is in Early Access on PC since last year. It has just been announced thatit would be ported to PS4 and PS5, and that its release date was set for August 3, 2021 on the PlayStation Store. Note that the date also concerns the launch of the final version on Steam.

If you are not familiar with its concept, the project manager of Mantisco Sanha Cho spoke about her fashions and her gameplay on the PlayStation Blog.

Greetings, hunters!

I am Sanha, project manager at Mantisco. Our team is delighted to officially present a new preview clip of Hunter’s Arena on PS5 for today’s State of Play.

Hunter’s Arena transports you to a beautiful world that draws its inspiration from ancient East Asia. You play as a hunter who must not only face formidable demons, but also survive against other hunters in this unique battle royale. During your journey, you will need to hone your sword and martial arts skills to defeat anyone who wishes you were killed. So, draw your sword and prepare for the worst. We’ll take a closer look at the threats lurking in the hazardous and mystical world of Hunter’s Arena.

In Hunter’s Arena, your ultimate goal is to compete against 30 other hunters and prove that you are the best of all. For this, it is essential to develop tactics, rather than rushing headlong. Stay on your guard, as you can quickly become prey in this ruthless world.

As you may have seen in State of Play, you will always find yourself in the thick of the action. Rather than immediately launching into PvP combat, it’s a good idea to slay ancient demons first to get loot and gain power. We recommend that you take your time to explore the area and face off against demons, since each of them has their own unique fighting style, as well as unique rare loot.

Each time you enter the arena, you have access to 17 different Hunters. Since some fight from a distance and others in close combat, I recommend that you try all the Hunters to see which one works best for you. Hunters specializing in close quarters combat can deal a lot of damage if you manage to get close to your target. Some of them can even attract enemies or cause jerks that bring enemies together in one place. Hunters specializing in ranged combat can attack enemies from afar. Their projectiles can do great damage, but it takes a minimum of mastery to hit the bull’s eye during the game’s nervous fights.

There are three different modes in Hunter’s Arena: Solo, Trio, and Team Battle.


Solo Mode is a 30-player free-for-all in which your hunting skills are put to the test. In this mode, you enjoy a lot of freedom, since you don’t have to face other hunters to win. Instead, you must explore dungeons and defeat powerful bosses to get loot and gain power. What’s interesting is that you have quite the option of teaming up with other players to take down a mighty demon. But once the boss is defeated, it’s a whole different story. The alliance that was formed can quickly turn into a fight to the death to get their hands on the precious loot.


Trio mode allows you to form teams of three with your friends or other players. The fights are more delicate in this mode, since teamwork is very important. Communicate with your teammates before the start of the match to include Hunters who benefit from a good osmosis in their skills. For example, Gyeonjo can protect his allies with shields and block enemy projectiles. Jun, my favorite Hunter, can draw enemies from afar. This is a very useful ability to break up the formation of another trio.

Team fight

Team Battle mode is a special challenge where everything relies on your sword and martial arts skills, while your survival skills take a back seat. You enter the arena with two Hunters of your choice to face your opponent, until one of you emerges as the winner. This mode is similar to traditional fighting games. This is the opportunity for you to show your mastery of combos and combat techniques. What matters most in Team Combat mode is knowing precisely each ability of your Hunters to chain combos and react quickly to enemy assaults. If you think you’ve got what it takes, head to the Team Battle arena to climb to the top of the leaderboards.

I would also like to share with you several combat strategies that could prove useful during your games.

Plunging attack

It is a deadly technique that allows you to strike the enemy from above. The diving attack allows you to take the enemy by surprise and deal massive damage. Spot an enemy below, wait for the right moment, then dive into the enemy to gain the advantage.

Not fast

The fast step is a technique which makes it possible to distinguish a beginner hunter from an experienced hunter. This is a short trip that can be used both offensively and defensively. If you are too far away from your enemy, use the quick step to get closer to them quickly. You can also use the fast step to avoid enemy skills, or to reposition yourself and gain the advantage.


The wake is a small air current that Hunters leave behind when they run. You can run faster if you move forward in the wake left by another player, which can be handy for catching up with someone who is trying to flee. Likewise, by following a trail, you can let yourself be guided to an unsuspecting enemy.

The most interesting news, however, is not there! Sony Interactive Entertainment took the opportunity to announce that Hunter’s Arena: Legends is said to be one of the titles offered with the Playstation plus next month, between August 3 and September 6, from its porting on consoles therefore. You will therefore have no reason to miss out if you are subscribed to the service.


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