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DThis Elon Musk is already a hell of a guy. As he comes out at an event in Berlin ado, he wanted to build a new factory for his electric car brand Tesla. In Berlin. Now Musk is known for putting high-flying plans into action with a certain time delay, but that puts him in good company. The Tesla factory is to be built next to the airport BER, it may now be betting who finished last.

Holger Appel

Holger Appel

Editor in the business, responsible for "technology and engine".

However, without any polemics, we think it's really good that Tesla has selected Germany as a location. We are constantly told by the established manufacturers, the high-wage location Germany could not build anything new, the works would have to Eastern Europe, at least. And now comes Tesla and relies on German skilled workers. And not even in Swabia, where the abundance would be suspected, but in the poor-but-sexy industrial desert Berlin-Brandenburg. Hats off and happiness, one can only say, may the work succeed. We also like to take part in the competition that stimulates business.

A little skeptical, however, agree with us two messages this week, whether the EU-politically enforced with insane frame setting electric car takes the necessary momentum. Electricity grid operators in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic want to limit the power output at charging stations at peak times, because the grids can not stand it, when in the evening loads of electric vehicles with 11 or 22 kW charge. The evening, of course, seems to us to be especially suitable, as people sometimes come home from work. And then there was mail from Mainova, the provider of our trust. EEG, network charges, procurement, you know, all very bad. By January 2020, the electricity will be more expensive. Should he, after Germany's prices are already the worst in the world, not have to become cheaper?

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