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Porsche has significantly expanded its range of paints. In addition to historic colors, it also offers lacquer on request

The offer of varnishes has expanded by 160 new shades, but those who do not choose can have the color mixed directly according to their own requirements.

For many decades, the Porsche carmaker has been based on its rich personalization program, where within the Porsche Exclusive Manufactory division it offers customers various vehicle modifications exactly to their taste. After all, thanks to this service, the carmaker boasted in 2019 that it would produce the same car at most twice a year.

However, in order to offer customers even more choice and a sense of exclusivity, Porsche has now expanded its range of paints by 160 new shades, often inspired by the brand’s rich history. As part of the Paint to Sample program, formerly known as Custom Color, customers can choose from many predefined shades that have been technically approved by Porsche professional painters.

Examples of the new offer are Maritime Blue, Rubystar Red or Mint Green. These colors should be well known to Porsche fans in the 1990s, as they adorned, for example, the 911 generation 964 models.

For example, for the 911 and 718 models, the carmaker has expanded its painting options by 100 new shades. For those interested in the Panamera, Macan and Cayenne models, 50 new options are available and those interested in the electric Porsche Taycan can choose from 65 new shades.

The new colors should appear in the carmaker’s offer at the beginning of next year, while individual painting will extend the delivery of the car by about three months. The price will then always depend on the specific model, for example, painting of models 911 and 718 should be around the price of 8,806 euros (approximately 226,200 CZK),

But if the offer of new shades would not be enough, you can use the Paint to Sample Plus program, available for the 911, 718 and Taycan series cars. Thanks to this program, customers can pass on a sample of any color to Porsche experts – whether it is a specific shade of a handbag or nail polish. The sample will then be sent to Porsche AG, where shade usability tests will be carried out for painting the car. Shade testing alone can take up to 11 months.

Testing the shade, or the possibility of painting the car with it, is really demanding and extensive. Technicians must test the color shade under different types of lighting, the color on different parts of the car (made of different materials), find out the appropriate painting strength, etc. In the tests, for example, the color is applied to the body of the test car.

If it turns out that the required shade is not suitable for painting the car, the carmaker will bear the costs of development and testing. However, if painting is possible, the price will again depend on the model. For example, for most models of the 911 and 718 series, the price should be around 17,612 euros (approximately 452,600 CZK).


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