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“Possible transition from pandemic to endemic”

The downgrading of Covid from pandemic to endemic, as Spain intends to do “is an option that cannot be overlooked. Perhaps this will allow us to do so variante Omicron, which is probably less aggressive than the Delta, but in a vaccinated population. “This was said by Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri to the microphones of ‘Italy has awakened’ on Radio Cusano Campus.

“This could mean – explained Sileri – living with a less bad virus, which will cause a certain number of hospitalizations and deaths per year, but more contained than those we have seen so far, therefore with a much more easily manageable and preventable impact. “.

As for the Ema doubts about the continuous recall of the anti-covid vaccine: “Science will tell us what to do. It is clear that if you make a booster while you still have the immunity of the previous booster, the new booster is useless. We have seen that after 5-6 months immunity is waning and for this science has told us that we needed a recall “.

“However, we must also evaluate – Sileri warned – how much the virus circulates, what type of variant is predominant. If we have to get the vaccine every year before the winter season as happens for the flu, science will give us the timing. If there is one. it is a significant decrease in antibodies, it means that the booster must be done. Therefore – the undersecretary insisted – it is necessary to evaluate the timing, how much the virus circulates and what dose to do, for example it is possible that in the future the booster dose may be lower compared to what we have done up to now. These are all indications – he concluded – that he will give us science. If it becomes a simple cold, and I am not talking about Omicron, it will no longer even be necessary to make the recall “.

Speaking of the bulletin: “I’m for data transparency and I’m hungry for data, because the more data you have the easier it is to explain the measures you take.” “The point – underlined the undersecretary – is what you communicate to the population: today do I have to communicate the positives or the hospitalizations? The positives mostly have a small cold, some have gone to the hospital. Delta, if they are vaccinated or not vaccinated, if they have other diseases or not, this – according to Sileri – helps the population to better understand the situation and to understand that the vaccine is useful and effective. that most of the positives have no symptoms, you also offer your side to the Napalm51-style conspiracy theorists of Crozza who go on social media or on TV to say the bullshit that creates havoc in those millions of Italians who have not yet approached vaccination for several reasons”.

“Giving the data in a more usable, simpler form and explaining them better – remarked the undersecretary – certainly approaches vaccination. For example, the positive should be given the weekly trend, so what Bassetti says is correct. The number of hospitalizations must be given daily. , explaining it “.

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