Potomac Park Rapist added; busted on a series of DC attacks in the 90s


One of the victims of the “Potomac Park Rapist” – suspected in a series of sexual assaults and murder in Washington, DC, and the city's Maryland suburbs in the 1990s – was arrested on Wednesday's attacks, police said.

Giles Warrick, 60, was busted in South Carolina after his DNA testimonials were used to link him to the National Academy of Sciences murder in 1998 which was walking near the Potomac River in Georgetown's DC, According to police in South Carolina.

In the 1998 attack, it is alleged that Warrick had sexually assaulted Christine Mirzayan, 29 years of age and that she broke her until she had a heavy rock, the authorities said.

Investigators also made connection between Warrick's DNA and 1996 sexual assault of a 58-year-old woman in the vicinity of Palisades in the nearby city.

The same DNA evidence is linked to several attacks in the same time period in Montgomery County, Maryland, just north of DC, the police said.

Cold case detectives tracked Warrick down by searching family links using her DNA, The Washington Post reported.

The cops, which already had a DNA profile of the suspect, used a private company in Virginia to root its potential relatives, according to the report.

This brought half the suspect's brother, who said he knew that Warrick had violence.

Copies were tracked on Warrick down to Conway, South Carolina, and they took a DNA sample from him, according to the report.

He was arrested on Wednesday after matching samples taken from crime scenes to DNA, the newspaper reported.



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