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The Campaign

HIS KIND OF RACE: Dan McCready running a midterm campaign in the left-lurching 2020 world

The challenge: McCready, the Democratic Republic of Sept. 10, is running at 12 points in 2016. According to, he's focused on prescription drug prices. “The dysfunction of Washington” under Trump or the Republican Party.

  • “Well, I just for my thing,” In the district that leans red. “This is not a career for me. Washington has become. ”
  • “I think the ballot box McConnell, ”McCready told us. .

The two-year campaign: McCready has some hard-won experience in the field. After all, has been running for this month: t Mark Harris but am contempt of election. Trump has campaigned for "admires socialism."

A sign of the times: Now, McCready and running against GOP candidate Dan Bishop for a shot and Democrat has not won in 56 years. While McConnell was in North America in 2020 and was a critical of the Democratic-controlled House.

  • “People are ready for us,” McCready said. "I think that the House should be a leader in Washington."
  • Democrats, ”my colleague Dave Weigel. Nancy Pelosi for House speaker. He opposed impeachment. He returned to his friend from Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota after she suggested that Israel's advocates were buying off Congress. In the interview, non-citizens to be covered by Medicare. '

McCready is a special election in Pennsylvania's 18th district in which the district of Trump captured by 20 points. My colleague Mike DeBonis obtained a Congressional Democratic Committee committee memo that “detailed the committee” of the Sept. Ads are directed at electing (Bishop).

  • The strategy: '' The DCCC's strategic investments in the race, 'in the deep, t , 'The memo reads, not spending the committee and current spending' better '$ 2 million on the race.'

All about turnout: In recent weeks, the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Trust for Wales.

  • “Pure panic”: DeBonis reports the DCCC's memo paints the GOP's recent splurge on ad buys from "nothing other than pure panic." The memo is also available on the website. T members of the Lumbee, key groups of Democratic voters.
  • "In the face of face to face with voters," McCready told Power Up.
  • 2020 prep: “The memo noted that the committee has not been appointed in 2020.” t

To The White House

TRUMP SAVES CHRISTMAS FROM HIMSELF: "The White House on Tuesday". T 15, later later than the Sept. Damian Paletta and Heather Long report. The goal? Shopping holiday.

  • What it means: The one that… , 'Damian and Heather write'. T “The announcement effectively shields more than $ 100 billion in Chinese imports from tariffs until Dec. 15. ”
  • The exact list of products is: “White House officials”, “Heather and Damian write. Example: 'Certain' men 's shirts, of textile materials. , 'Knitted or crocheted, of cotton,' face tariffs in September. '
  • Wall Street loved the news: “Tuesday, March, 2007”. The Dow Jones industrial average jumped after 1.4 percent, higher. The best prices, Apple, Best Buy, Matter and Macy.

The takeaway: what the president said. “Trump has been repeated for the following reasons:” It 's a line that is overwhelming. T 13, ”Heather writes of the president's admission that could have been affected.

On The Hill

THE STORY OF A RUSSIAN-BACKED PROJECT IN MCCONNELL'S BACKYARD: t “In January, for the first time, for the first time, for a meal in Zurich,” our colleagues Tom Hamburger and Rosalind S Helderman wrote in the Northeast Kentucky. “The timing of their meetings”. T

  • The details: Craig Bouchard, an American entrepreneur t This is the only thing that has been found. T Oleg Deripaska, and reported close confidant of Vladimir Putin.
  • After the meeting: McConnell had successfully blocked the bill, "Tom and Roz write." “Within weeks, the U.S. government seed formally lifted sanctions on Rusal, Oleg Deripaska. Children in Ashland, Ky. ” T
  • McConnell flatly denies he knew of Rusal's plans: Steven Mnuchin, Chairman of Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin said: "A spokesman for McConnell.
  • Democratic Parliament And it's creating headaches for McConnell. "The Rusal-backed project", "Tom and Roz write."

Global Power

THE UPDATE FROM HONG KONG: “After-night mob scenes marvels in the airport, protesters on Wednesday) Gerry Shih and Timothy McLaughlin report.

  • "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" # on social networks in Hong Kong society. "

Protest movement apologized: tArticle Directory: http: //www.articledashboard.com t

  • “After the whole night 's reflection, we have decided to make it happen,” one letter read. “To police who were affected last night.”

TRUMP'S TEPID RESPONSE: " T. T" The Political's Nahal Toosi, Eliana Johnson and Maya King report. T Trump. "

  • What Trump said: Hopefully gets gets rid of it.
  • It's unclear how Trump would react to further escalation: t "Aides to Trump, including his economic advisers," he said, "he said," he said. T "Toosi, Johnson and King write."
  • Square: Tiananmen Square: 30 years ago. T
  • Trump's response: differs from the rest of Washington: t On the sides of the aisle.

Trump ally Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.):

The People

EPSTEIN'S WERE GUARDS SLEEPING ON THE JOB: Jeffrey Epstein apparently killed himself asleep and failed, according to several law. and the Danielle Ivory report. t

  • The disclosures came amid a shakeup at the prison: Mr Epstein's death, the Justice Department, "Benner and Ivory write."
  • Falsifying a report t "The two staff members in the special housing unit". T Such a false institution, "Benner and Ivory write."
  • As for Epstein's reported fortune: t "For more information, please contact:" Bloomberg's David Voreacos and Neil Weinberg report.
  • But it won't be easy for his accusers to get money: "In Epstein's case, the opaqueness of his finances and, in many cases," he said. T and Weinberg write.

At the Pentagon

NEW JOB ALERT: "Alyssa Farah is leaving the job of secretary secretary, starting in September, "scoops our colleague Ashley Parker.

  • "Farah her tenure at the White House almost two years ago." T , read more t
  • About her new gig: t "The Pentagon", "he said" "" "" "" "" "" "The Pentagon" when there has been confusion in the world.

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