Premiere in the Pontevedra estuary of the ORC 0-1 and 2-3, 6M Classics and 6M Open


First day of the fifth edition of the King Juan Carlos I Regatta. The conditions have not made it easy but the Committee has been able to start with the race program and start for a single test for the ORC classes 0-1, 2 -3, 6M Classics and 6M Open. "Aida", "Seljm", "Pairo 8" and "Bosch Service Solutions" are the first leaders of the appointment of the Royal Nautical Club of Sanxenxo.

“Aida” and “Seljm”, first leaders in 6 meters

Something more than an hour and a half had to wait for the fleet of the two divisions of 6 Meters to start the King Juan Carlos I Regatta. The day dawned with rain and poor visibility on the Pontevedra estuary, although conditions were improving at As the day progressed until finally, after 3:30 pm, the Race Committee was able to give the Attention signal for the first and only test of the day with about eight knots of wind from the Southwest component.

The first to cross the finish line in the 6M Classics class was the "Aida" of Francisco Botas, which made him the first leader of the appointment ahead of the "Titia" of Alicia Freire, who was second, and the " Alibaba II ”by Miguel Lago, which closes today the podium in the third drawer. For its part, the "Bribon 500", with Pedro Campos to the cane, has scored a fourth place.

In the 6M Open class, the Portuguese team "Seljm" by Patrick Monteiro took the first partial victory of the event. Behind, he was followed by "Maybe XIV" by Eugenio Galdón in second place and "Estela" by Violeta Álvarez, who is in third place.

All open therefore in both categories, that this year the Championship of Spain of the class is also played in the estuary of Pontevedra.

“Pairo 8” and “Bosch Service Solutions” dominate in ORC Chiropractic

More difficult has been the fleet of ORC, which today premiered with classes 0-1 and 2-3. The wind conditions in the cruise race course, located in front of the Lanzada beach, took longer than expected to begin and the wind did not blow with sufficient force until after 5:30 p.m. Finally, with a wind of about five knots the Race Committee was able to complete the first test for each of the two divisions.

Thus, in group 0-1, the first to cross the finish line was the “Pairo 8” by Luis Bugallo, and he did so with enough advantage to place himself at the top of the time-compensated classification. They are followed in general by the "Arroutado" by José Manuel Pérez and the "Aceites Abril" by Luis Pérez Canal, second and third respectively.

In class 2-3, Ramón Ojea's “Bosch Service Solutions” completed the tour in just under an hour and 45 minutes and with an advantage of almost four minutes over the second in real time, which makes those of Ojea in class general leaders. Behind, "Alma do Mar" by José Manuel Enriquez is second and third place is the "Cachete" of Malena García.

Tomorrow Saturday, the entire fleet will fill the Pontevedra estuary with sails

After the premiere today of the fleets of ORC 0-1, 2 and 3, 6M Classics and 6M Open, it will be tomorrow Saturday when each and every one of the classes participating in the 5th King Juan Carlos I. J80 Regatta, J80, ORC 4- 5, Special ORC, Abanca Optimist and the Mapfre Adaptive Sailing Trophy will come into play on the second day to complete a fleet of about 200 ships. .


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