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Prison Break: why Wentworth Miller is leaving the series for good

Wentworth Miller is the unforgettable Michael Scofield in Prison Break. The producers had announced that there might be a sixth season for the cult series, but it will be done without the hero. Wentworth Miller explained why he would never play the role again.

Prison Break has held millions of viewers in suspense since its launch in 2005. After a fifth season released in 2017, the producers had announced a possible season 6. If so, it will be without the lead actor, Wentworth Miller, aka Michael Scofield.

The actor explained the reasons for his decision in a lengthy Instagram post. “I am officially offside from Prison Break. I just don’t want to play straight characters anymore. Their stories have already been told (and retold). No more Michael. If you are a fan of the show and were hoping for new seasons … I understand your disappointment. I am sorry. If you are angry and upset that you have fallen in love with a fictional straight man played by a gay man … That’s your problem.

Since his coming out in 2013, the actor has been committed to the fight against homophobia.

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