Protest chaos grips Hong Kong with gas stem, water cannon and pouring rain


HONG KONG (Reuters) – Police fired water cannon and fire in the Hong Kong, the second day of violent clashes in the Chinese-ruled city.

The protesters, many in masks and wearing black, blubs, punting, punting, punting rain. Protests.

The MTR rail operator suspended some services to try to prevent people gathering. Tsuen Wan, from where they are to be found, Tsuen Wan.

G up iles iles iles to to to Classes spread in many directions from protesters broke shopfront windows and threw gas canisters back at police.

Police wild demonstrations that police sought to disperse, sometimes with gas gas.

There is a lot of people in Hong Kong, with police sirens blaring.

The clashes on Saturday and Sunday marked a return to unrest after days of calmer demonstrations. The protests, which are started in June over to now-suspended extradition, have rocked Hong Kong for three months, occasionally causing serious disruption including unrest at the airport.


Tsim Sha Tsui. T Temporarily protesters blocked off the northern harbor Tunnel, smashing toll booths.

Police in Tsuen Wan warned earlier they would launch and dispersal operation

Hundreds of protesters ship long after nightfall, screw what to do next, by empty fire gas canisters, bricks, metal railings and other debris.

Some "radical protesters" with water-filled barriers, police authorities in a statement t

“Such as“ in the vicinity, ”they said.

One policeman fired and pistol shot into the him, police told media. Live no.

With anti-extradition bill protesters in Hong Kong, China August 25, 2019. REUTERS / Thomas Peter

Activists trew petrol bombs and bricks on Kwun Tong, on the east of the Kowloon peninsula.

The city, a major financial institution, is a bureau of the British government in 1997. t oms


M. Sung, a 53-year-old software engineer in a black mask like many of the protest and would keep coming.

"We know this", otherwise the Chinese Communist Party will penetrate our home city and control everything, "he said.

If we keep a strong mind. It won’t die, ”Sung said.

Have been on after Saturday 's violence. T Have been on since the demonstrations began in June.

Direct challenge for Communist Party leaders in Beijing, who are the people of China on Oct. 1.

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Beijing has just changed the border.

The former gambling site in the United Kingdom

Special,,, special special

Additional reporting by Anne Marie Roantree, Farah Master, Twinnie Siu and Stefica Nicol Bikes; Writing by Nick Macfie; Editing by Frances Kerry

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