Protests: Animal rights activists have castrated piglets in Karlsruhe complain


The animal rights organization Peta protests against the stunning castration of piglets by means of an unusual constitutional petition – complainants are all affected male pigs.

"The piglets themselves want to be castrated no longer anesthetic," said Peta lawyer Christian Arleth in Karlsruhe. There, the activists filed the application in the morning at the Federal Constitutional Court.

By law, "anyone" can lodge a constitutional complaint. The court understands this as natural and legal persons such as public limited companies. Peta wants to ensure that even animals – such as pigs – are recognized as carriers of their own rights. The Basic Law enshrines animal welfare as a state goal.

A spokesman for the court confirmed receipt of the lawsuit. He did not comment on the chances of success. If the right to sue is lacking, the judges will not accept a complaint for decision.

In Germany, millions of piglets are castrated a few days after birth without anesthesia. This is to prevent the meat of boars from getting a strong smell and aftertaste.

The ban on the practice has already been decided. However, the deadline has been extended until the end of 2020. Trained farmers should soon be able to stun their piglets themselves with the gas isoflurane. Peta also turns against it.


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