Publicis wins most of Nivea's advertising budget


After their recent joint victory over the AXA budget, Publicis and WPP persist and sign. Summoned by the markets to demonstrate the relevance of their new business model, the two communication groups earn the advertising budget and global marketing of Nivea, affiliate Beiersdorf.

The win was won after a European competition between Publicis and WPP, the American Omnicom and the board giant Accenture Interactive. According to the annual report of Statista and Beiersdorf, the German group spent 1.53 billion gross euros (excluding discounts and negotiations) in advertising and marketing in 2018. An amount that is not surprising in itself. With more than 100 million jars of cream sold each year,
Nivea remains the icon of Beiersdorf

    in the supermarket.

In this game, it is Publicis, number three of the sector, which appears like the big winner of the match. The group led by Arthur Sadoun is entrusted with most of the advertising of Nivea (skincare, shower gels, deodorants …), managed so far by DraftFCB, a subsidiary of the American giant Interpublic.

WPP joins the Beiersdorf team

WPP conquered both brands Eucerin and Hansaplast. But this victory allows him to now be in the stable of Beiersdorf agencies, while confirming the recovery of the group, shaken by the controversial departure of its boss-founder Martin Sorrell in April 2018 and the revelation of internal fragilities.

The roadmap assigned to Publicis is in a nutshell. While Nivea's sales are still mostly in Europe, Beiersdorf expects the French group to help it raise Nivea to the rank of world brand, thanks to the transformation of its advertising communication mode. .

With the emergence of platforms and the proliferation of content that has accompanied the delineation of television, mass communication has lived. The customer is now at the center of the marketing thinking of advertisers. It is up to Publicis to support Beiersdorf in the personalization of advertising messages sent to the consumer, thanks to ever more precise and targeted data.

Validate the new positioning

It is supported by its subsidiary E
psilon, world number two in marketing data

    bought back $ 4.4 billion in April, that Publicis won the Nivea match, as well as for AXA and Disney's earnings. The group intends to validate its position as " giant of marketing, communication and digital transformation of companies ".

Concretely, Publiciswhich also manages the
L'Oréal hygiene and beauty budget,

   create a separate business unit for Niveacalled "One Touch". It will take over all the communication of care products and deodorants in forty countries, with key offices in New York, Sao Paulo, Cape Town, Mumbai, Shanghai, Bangkok, Moscow and Hamburg.

On arrival, this gain is a strategic turning point for the transformation of the Nivea brand … and, potentially, for the evolution of Publicis,
heckled when announcing its financial results

    third quarter. The French group should collect, as of 2020, the first hard cash in the budget.


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