Questions after the death of a French student during an integration weekend in Belgium


An investigation was opened and a suspect arrested in Belgium after the death of a French student from Rouen during a weekend of integration in this country, which raises questions such as the presence of alcohol and the reasons for the organization of the event abroad.

The victim is a 23-year-old student, enrolled in the fourth year of pharmacy at the University of Rouen, who died in the night of Friday to Saturday during an integration weekend organized in Belgium by the pharmacy students' association. the University of Picardy Jules-Verne.

Some 208 students from 16 universities had participated in this weekend of integration, including sixty who were not students in Amiens, told AFP the University of Picardy.

The young man who died was allegedly overthrown by a car, according to the same source, stating that a cell listening and psychological support on the site of the UFR pharmacy had been set up this weekend "to accompany the students while the time it will be necessary ".

A similar cell was set up at the UFR Santé of the University of Rouen, said this establishment in a statement. "An investigation is currently underway and the University of Rouen Normandy hopes that all the light will be shed on the circumstances of the tragedy," the university added.

"I want to question first of all the fact that an integration weekend has been organized abroad," said the Minister of Higher Education Frédérique Vidal Tuesday at a press point, referring to the possibility of a "voluntary choice" to "evade what the charter requires".

Last October, the Minister had a charter on the organization of festive events signed at universities and student associations. The organizers had to inform their program, their budget, the "accidental risks related to the place" and the amount of alcohol expected.

This charter does not have any legal obligation.

– "In the middle of a wood" –

The circumstances of the death "remain to be specified," said Frédérique Vidal. "The probability that alcohol is at stake is very high," she added.

The minister said she wants to work with student associations and universities "with local variations" of the charter signed last year.

According to Charlotte Fosseur, District Attorney of Namur, Belgium, the accident occurred around the village of Vencimont and the town of Beauraing, on a national road "in the middle of a wood, in full night, without public lighting and with fog ". "The scene of the accident is not at the level of the party," said AFP Ms. Fosseur.

"The case was entrusted to an investigating judge for willful homicide and hit and run with aggravating circumstance because there is a death of man," she said.

"A person was deprived of liberty and deferred before the investigating judge, but not placed under arrest warrant," she continued, referring to a suspect born in 1996.

"Witnesses say he had drunk (the victim) Samples were taken.The investigating judge does not rule for the moment (on his intoxication)," she continued, stating that "a medical examiner has been appointed."

The purpose of the Belgian survey is not to determine whether the students came to Belgium to avoid the French "charter".

In an appeal to "all young people", Frédérique Vidal urged Tuesday: "for pity, do not put your life in danger".

In October 2017, a student of 20 years in dental surgery at the University of Rennes had died during an integration weekend, because of too much alcohol consumption.

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