Rain of illusions for this Donosti Cup


The good atmosphere that is usually breathed in the Donosti Cup and the musical and pyrotechnic shows turned out to be a successful cocktail at the opening ceremony of the Gipuzkoa tournament, which was held in Anoeta Stadium from 8.30 pm this past Monday.

Not even the rain that made an appearance since the afternoon could have the illusion of thousands of young people who felt like stars for a day. Half-world flags picked up the txuri-urdin colors that usually tend to populate the stands of Anoeta.

The most cautious used the umbrella to cover the intense rain that fell during the inauguration. But the weather was the least. Minutes before the event started, hundreds of young people were seen dancing, hugging, interacting with other players, teams, cultures. There has always been the greatness of the Donosti Cup, in its value beyond the field of play. And in that line, the ceremony that opens the tournament becomes the perfect example to verify the communion that exists between all the participants.

Music was the common thread, the link between some clubs and others. The songs of La Oreja de Van Gogh or Zea Mays lifted the audience from their seats at the same time as a huge wave ran through the lower ring of the Anoeta Stadium.

In any case, were the mobile the great protagonists of the previous instants. Everyone wanted to record videos, make a snapshot to upload to social networks. Show that 'I was there.'

Again, in Anoeta

The Donosti Cup He returned home, after 'moving' in the 2018 edition to Illunbe for the works of the Amaratarra stadium, and the return was to frame. The organization triumphed again with an event that continues to thrill the participants, but also to countless spectators who filled the East Stand of Anoeta.

More than 17,000 people -data from the organization- approached the renovated Amaratarra stadium to vibrate with the performances and the parade of the teams. Enough arguments to turn the evening into one of the summer nights. Not even the water that fell on the capital of Gipuzkoa could stop the impetus with which the inauguration was lived by the thousands of players and companions who feel at home during this week in Donostia.

The opening ceremony is one of the highlights for the thousands of players that come together is the football fields of Gipuzkoa, but also one of the events of the summer for Rain of illusions for this Donosti Cup. The renovated Anoeta hosted a ceremony of inauguration of the championship passed by water many donostiarras, who appreciate and value the work that is done for months so that everything goes perfectly

By the hand of Carlos Bengoa, Xabi Pérez and Irati Borda, who gave dynamism to the act through the microphones, the ceremony progressed without major setbacks and meeting the established schedule.

The rhythm was put on by the performances of Club Donosti and Bamboo Dance School, whose choreography dazzled the audience. The music of 'Shallow' interpreted by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper was the beginning of a great party in the stadium of the capital of Gipuzkoa.

A colorful parade

The high point of the ceremony was once again the team's parade. With the Zabaleta Grada full of teams, the representatives of the participating clubs and countries jumped into the grass of Anoeta with the enthusiasm of some young people who at times felt Olympic. Nothing bigger than representing your team and your country of origin in an event of these dimensions.

From Oceania to Asia, going through Africa, America and Europe. 27 countries represented with teams arriving from Jerusalem, Gaza or Singapore. Others from Australia, Nigeria or Sierra Leone. The Donosti Cup continues to show its appeal beyond our borders. It is a multicolored event in which each team showed their way of living the party. Some externalizing the joy, others to the music, others calmer enjoying a moment that may not repeat again. A thousand ways to understand an opening ceremony that is recorded forever in the memory of the participants. It will also be a rain that could not tarnish the good atmosphere that reigned at all times.

A well-deserved homage

The Donosti Cup he wanted to pay tribute to female team of the Real Sociedad who won the title of the Copa de la Reina last season. Nerea Eizagirre, Mariasun Quiñones, Sara Olaizola, Leire Baños and Ane Etxezarreta toured the cup achieved in Granada a few months ago with the illusion they showed on their return from Los Cármenes. Time does not pass for the champions of the txuri-urdin set.

The mass bath of the realists was the beginning of the end of the party. The classic pyromusical show put an end to an opening ceremony of the Donosti Cup who once again demonstrated the good time the Gipuzkoa championship goes through. Each year is exceeded and the figures that moves do not stop impressing.

Light, sound and an incomparable atmosphere turned the return to Anoeta into a successful organization of an event that closed with a clear message: 'Welcome Donosti Cup'.

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