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Dhe fall is actually the time of the calm days, the reflection is disturbed in many places by the foliage, which falls from the trees and is blown away by people with annoying blowers from left to right and at the end somehow to heaps. This can be useful, for example, where the leaves hide in winding corners or under cars.

Luke Weber

Luke Weber

Editor in the department "Technology and Engine".

On the surface, in our opinion, the classical method works just as well: leaf rake with many narrow tines, fan-shaped and mostly made of metal. The children called the things laugh, because the metal plates pluck so funny over the bumps. When the work is done and the leaves are piled up, the question then arises as to how best to transport it to the garden waste bin. If you have nothing else to hand, bend over, press the leaves with your hand on the rake and hopes that on the way up as little as possible is lost. The author of these lines lives right next to a forest of old beech trees, throwing large amounts of leaves into the garden, and has used a wide shovel made of lightweight aluminum for this annual work, and a snowplower does it if necessary.

Until this year, because for a few days, a new development of Gardena is in use, with the summary in one operation, the way into the bin. The manufacturer calls the device scoop-rake, the idea is basically simple: In the lower part of 18 tines protrude forward in the direction of stem, the plastic is formed like a shovel. The bucket rake has a working width of 36.5 centimeters, he is suitable according to the manufacturer, in addition to leaves and windfall, grass, hedge trimming and Vertikutiergut together and fill in any container. With the multifunctional device also smaller branches, weeds and roots could be scooped out of the earth or leaves from a pond.

The latter we have not tried for lack of pond, everything else works well. With the small restriction that the 658 gram rake is slightly heavier than conventional rakes. Add to this the stem, because the new device is part of the combination system of Gardena, it is simply inserted and secured with a clamping screw firmly and without wobbling. The stems come in different lengths and materials, we used 150 centimeters for the shovel rake. The approximately eight-millimeter-thick tines of the blue multifunction device make a robust impression; Gardena even gives its products a 25-year guarantee. For this fall, the new development comes too late; we had a pre-production product in use, there is the rake in the new year for the price of around 30 €.

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