Red Bull: world record wheel change


Apart from the success of Carlos Sainz and his first podium, the Brazilian Grand Prix could be a monologue of the Red Bull planet if Hamilton had not collided with the Albon Thais in the final stretch. Max Verstappen won (Red Bull with Honda engine) and second was Pierre Gasly (Roro Rosso-Honda). On that round Sunday for the Austrian brand, another conquest also took place: the Red Bull mechanics set a new record in a wheel change. Only 1.82 seconds.

1.82 seconds ⏱😮

Watch @redbullracing smash the world record for the fastest F1 pit stop – clinching the 2019 DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award in the process 🏆 # BrazilGP 🇧🇷 # F1— Formula 1 (@ F1)

November 19, 2019 It happened on lap 21, with the entry of Max Verstappen replacing your tires. The stop was really spectacular, as Red Bull employees only used 1.82 seconds for the maneuver. Seen and unseen.

Then Verstappen had bad luck because when he left Robert Kubica closed him and lost his position with Hamilton.

The previous record had also been imposed by Red Bull in the last Grand Prix of Great Britain with Pierre Gasly, 1.91 seconds.

Red Bull is the team that has progressed most in this facet of Formula 1. They are usually the fastest in changing tires. The Verstappen and Albon team leads the "official" competition of pit stops with 479 points, compared to 427 for the Williams team, which secured the trophy awarded by DHL for the fastest stops. . (tagsToTranslate) record (t) redbull (t) wheels


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