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Regulator warned about investment company linked to pyramid scams

The Commission for the Financial Market (CMF) issued this Wednesday aalerts investors and the general public “ with respect to a company named “2Invest”, which is linked in other countries with pyramid scams.

The entity indicated on his website that, “in the exercise of its mandate to safeguard the public interest and the confidence of market participants, informs investors and the general public that the firm called 2Invest is not within the entities controlled by the CMF “.

“The CMF clarifies that 2Invest is not authorized to provide securities brokerage services in Chile, according to Law No. 18,045 “, he emphasized.

In Spain and in Brazil have already been issued Similar alerts linking 2Invest to pyramid scams, among these one that left a Chilean victim: a woman who lost 96 million pesos, for which he filed a complaint with the Fourth Guarantee Court of Santiago and declared admissible, as published by the Financial Journal.

2Invest is, supposedly, a company dedicated to the currency market and cryptocurrencies. In his web page claims to be “a brand operated by Aronex Corporation LTD., a company located in Seychelles, regulated by the Financial Service Authority (FSA) in Seychelles, (…) that provides investment opportunities to thousands of people in Latin America“.

The CMF recalled that on its site it maintains a special alert information page available to investors, policyholders and bank customers, in which “they can verify whether a company or person offering financial products or services is supervised by the CMF, review the alerts made by the CMF and other foreign regulators on unregulated entities or activities and other important advice for the protection of investors, policyholders and financial clients “.


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