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Renault refuses three models in Europe – Autoreview

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Last year, the Renault Group showed losses for the first time in ten years. If in 2018 it was possible to earn 3.3 billion euros, then the result of 2019 is a loss of 141 million euros. Now this difficult financial situation has been compounded by a pandemic, a halt in production and a sharp drop in demand. And now the company is developing urgent anti-crisis measures. As the European publication Automotive News managed to find out, one of them is a reduction in the lineup.

Renault Espace

Three candidates for the resignation at once are the Renault Espace minivan, Renault Scenic compact van, and also the flagship of the Renault Talisman passenger car range (sedan and station wagon). Sales of the entire trinity last year fell by 16-20%. Espace was a pioneer in the European segment of minivans and since 1984 has found more than 1.3 million customers. But last year, only 9,744 copies were sold on the EU market. Talisman in 2019 was more popular (16,405 units), but did not even come close to the results of the Passat or Insignia for all the time. But Renault Scenic so far is not bad (76 thousand last year), so the rejection of this model looks strange.

However, the decision to soon cease production of this trinity is almost made – even despite the fact that Espace and Talisman have recently been modernized. In exchange, Renault plans to expand the range of crossovers and electric vehicles. For example, the development of the second-generation Renault Kadjar SUV, which will be offered in both a five-seater and an extended seven-seater version, has almost been completed. In addition, cooperation and unification of components and assemblies within the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance will be expanded.

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