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Retro Garage’s biggest blockbusters were auctioned in 4 minutes

This is called natural evolution. In 2015, he started with an idea and a vision of comfortable indoor sales of retro auto-moto components, supplemented by a nationwide attractive auction of veterans. He persevered, held, regularly held two stock exchanges a year, and already this summer he knocked out a rare export Škoda 100 L for a price of 1.85 million crowns in a heart attack. Also this autumn, the architect of Retro Garage, Pavel Kočí, grabbed a hammer and auctioned, among other things, two complete pits – the intact Škoda 105 with a range of 684 km and the rare Jawa 500 OHC 01.

Photo: Jan Majurnik

It was alive again on the auction stage and there were six hundred

We won’t strain you at all, both machines were down in four minutes, so the record from the summer was not repeated, however, both machines went to the new owners for interesting amounts.

Jawa 500 OHC 01 started to be auctioned at 13:12 at CZK 600,000, while the minimum selling price was set at CZK 800,000. Already at 1:16 pm Pavel Kočí reported the final amount of CZK 905,000 and congratulated the new owner on the purchase.

Photo: Jan Majurnik

Would you like 905 000 CZK for Jawa 500 OHC 01?

The Škoda 105 S, whose run-up is only 684 km, went to auction at 2:13 p.m. with a starting price of CZK 300,000 and an auction reserve set at CZK 100,000 higher. At 14:17 there was nothing to bid, as this car was won by interested parties from Slovakia for the final CZK 605,000.

There were certainly many more machines for sale and you could get acquainted with them in some detail in our October invitation. We now bring you complete auction results:

The pre-war (1934) motorcycle of Česká zbrojovka with the designation 175 and production number 150/2 046 was supposed to go for at least CZK 329,000, but in the end it was not expensive at all, because no one signed up for it.

Photo: Retro Garage

ČZ 175 (1934) in the end without a new owner

The Velorex 16/250 from 1960 had an auction reserve set at CZK 199,000 and also went out into the world for it.

Photo: Jan Majurnik

VELOREX 16/250 auctioned for CZK 199,000

There was also talk of selling the Norwegian Škoda Octavia, however, the Fiat 600D (1969), which sold for a solid CZK 190,000, eventually appeared in its place.

Photo: Jan Majurnik

FIAT 600D started at CZK 50,000 and ended at CZK 190,000

Two Škoda 1000 MBs also fought for merchant favor. The red model from 1967 went for an auction reserve, ie 119,000 CZK, while the blue model (1964) was not more expensive at all.

Photo: Jan Majurnik

Red MB found its owner, blue did not (there was no applicant)

Surprisingly, sales did not see the Škoda 1201 sedan from 1956, which had a planned starting price of CZK 220,000 and an auction reserve of CZK 289,000.

Photo: Jan Majurnik

In the end, the ŠKODA 1201 SEDAN did not sell, no one registered for its auction

In contrast, the Jawa 250 Perak, originally from the Netherlands, started at CZK 120,000 and auctioned for CZK 179,000, the minimum selling amount.

Photo: Jan Majurnik

JAWA 250 PÉRÁK (left), JAWA 350/633 BIZON (middle) and JAWA 350/634 (right)

It is also worth mentioning the duo of piglets – Čezeta 501 (1960) and Čezeta 502 (1961) – which found their new “breeders” for 67,000 CZK (501) and 128,000 CZK (502).

Photo: Jan Majurnik

Both piglets were sold, one for CZK 67,000 and the other for CZK 128,000

Other auctioned models are attached to the table below:

Model Starting price Final price
Manet M90 CZK 50,000 128 000 CZK
Java 50/555 Pawnr 1 CZK CZK 13,000
Babetta 210 1 CZK CZK 20,000
Java 50/20 Pawnr 1 CZK CZK 52,000
Java 50/555 Pawnr 1 CZK CZK 31,000
Stadium S11 1 CZK CZK 50,000
Stadion S22 1 CZK CZK 45,000
Java 350/634 CZK 90,000 CZK 188,000
Java 350/633 CZK 100,000 CZK 175,000

In addition to the auctions, you could also see / buy old American pick-ups, twelve-cylinder German crashes, old Rolls-Royce, racing Fiat 131, the amazing Škoda 1000 MBX in perfect condition and other gems. Týnec Jawa or Triumph or Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealers also had their presentation here. One lucky guy also took a nice Pioneer from the raffle, which could really be won by any participant with a valid ticket.

Lovers of the stock exchange and veteše have certainly come to their senses, as most of the local covered and uncovered areas were inhabited by sellers of everything that has to do with auto-moto veterans. In short, there was a lot of it.

Were you not present? It doesn’t matter, the next Retro Garage is preliminarily planned for April 9, 2022. As there is more and more interest in veterans’ auctions, they will probably grow and Pavel Kočí hopes that once the auctioned machines will occupy one huge hall of Výstaviště Lysá nad Labem.

Well, we are only in favor, because our country needs some reputable auction company focused on old cars. And as you can see, one ambitious friend has a relatively good start to this dream. So we keep our fingers crossed for him, and as soon as we find out what other veteran interest he’s planning for all of us, we’ll let you know.


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