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Rick Pitino, University Athletics board reaches settlement




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The legal saga is terminated between Rick Pitino and Louisville University Athletic Association.

Almost two years after Pitino sought a violation of a legal contract looking for nearly $ 40 million, Wednesday's athletic association announced that he has reached a settlement with the former Louisville basketball coach.

As part of the agreement, Pitino's departure from Louisville will be changed to personnel file for consideration as a resignation. He will not get any money.

"It's an exciting day for the university," said Louisville director of athletics Vince Tyra. "This is a great day for us to get behind us and I am sure the other side feels the same."

In accordance with the settlement agreement, ULAA and Pitino agreed to mutually reduce all claims and said they would not pursue further legal action.

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Former head coach Louisville, Rick Pitino (Photo: Nick Lisi, AP)

The ULAA executive approved the arrangement at a 40 minute meeting on Wednesday morning, eight days after both parties met for her settlement conference nine times at the federal courthouse in Louisville.

Pitino showed that he wants to repeat a coach. It is unclear whether Pitino's designation as a resignation in place of termination will be subject to potential future employers.

Tyra refused to speculate on Wednesday's future Pitino.

"I don't think it has any impact on their time and what they're doing," Tyra said. "I don't think it's worth setting up today, they are probably indifferent. I think the facts of the cause of the suit and the counterclaim are still safe. I think today is just a solution to the result. their demand. "

In the lawsuit, Pitino insisted that the remaining salary of his contract was due to him in June 2026 because the university did not have the right to oppose him for "one reason." He also denied the responsibility for the escort scandal which won the 2013 Louisville men's national basketball program.

ULAA succeeded in finding the NCAA's decision that Pitino failed to monitor its program as evidence that the coach violated his contract of employment in 2015.

Finally, Louisville left Pitino in October 2017 shortly after two of Pitino's assistant coaches were involved in the national recruitment scandal being investigated by the NCAA.

"I think we were strong from the start, this was a zero liability for us," Tyra said.

This will be updated.

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