Roberto Carlos's confessions about the vagaries of the "galactic" era


Roberto Carlos, one of the stars of Real Madrid at the time of "the galactic", confessed some of the moments that were then lived in the white dressing room. In a relaxed talk with the former Vitor Baia on Channel 11 of Portugal, the Brazilian who became owner of the white left side for a decade revealed some intimacies of that fabulous squad.

Among the secrets that the now ambassador of Real Madrid shared during the talk highlighted those related to some of the technicians who went through the white bench in their stage there and about how the players' relations with them were.

The best unemployed is Vicente del Bosque, on which Roberto Carlos says he was "more a friend" than a coach. «You don't need rules. The player knows what he has to do. He understood us perfectly. Monday's training and sometimes Tuesdays were at 5pm. I didn't put them at 11:00 because almost nobody arrived, ”confesses the Brazilian.

«Luxembourg removed the beers, the wine, and …»
Nothing to do with what happened in later stages, such as with fellow countryman Vanderlei Luxembourg: «In the second League match, we were in the habit of arriving at the concentration, leaving our bags in the room and before dinner take our Beer and our wine. There were always two bottles of wine on the table. Ronaldo and I told him: 'Professor, the people here have their customs, you will see it, but try not to change them. Do not remove the bottles of wine from the table and beer before dinner because if we are not going to have problems. What did? He removed the beers first and then the wine bottles. It lasted three months. The world of football is small, the news is coming to the board and 'ciao' ».

Although if the Brazilian coach did not last long, José Antonio Camacho did less. «At the time of the galactic we were seven … it was a danger in the locker room. We always control it well, we had a good relationship, less with Camacho who endured ten days ». «He arrived at the locker room, greeted everyone, very serious and with history at Real Madrid. I just watched to see what he was going to say. He said: 'I want everyone tomorrow at 7.00 in the morning.' Normally we trained at 10:30. We talked with him to try to change the schedule, we had our customs, ”he says.

«I think today: how is it possible that we did so much nonsense? Each game ended and it was all private plane. We were in the private terminal of Barajas. It was Beckham who was going, I don't know where, Figo, Zidane was going to such a place, Ronaldo, I … and we had to train the day after tomorrow. I prayed that the matches were on Saturdays to be able to go to Formula 1 on Sundays. They were private flights everywhere. A madness, ”he reflects.

Despite these whims, Roberto Carlos says that “the atmosphere in the locker room, the atmosphere in the hotel … there was a real locker room atmosphere. I miss him but whenever there are charity matches I go and try to do the same things inside the bus ».

Florentino put order in the club
About his signing for Real Madrid, the Brazilian wanted to emphasize that he feels "very grateful to Inter", his former club. «Lorenzo Sanz hired me. It was terrible, with no money to pay the players. Florentino arrived and organized the club. He paid everything that was late. He hired the Galactic: Figo, Beckham, Ronaldo, Zidane … », he remembers. .


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