Rugby World Cup: the Blues let their dream come true against the Welsh


Eight years after dominating Wales in the semi-finals of the 2011 World Cup, the XV of France has this time tipped at the end of a game that will leave regrets.

In a quarter-final disputed, the Blues were not far from showing that they were there to win, as announced Julien Bonnaire, the assistant coach in charge of the tricolor button.

Only the deserved expulsion of Vahaamahina (49th) has tipped the meeting. After leading 19-10, the Blues were overtaken 20-19 to 6 minutes from the end.

What you must remember

The last-minute package from Welsh center Jonathan Davies (knee) has undoubtedly disrupted the Welsh, very passive early in the game. The Blues take the opportunity to register two tries by Vahaamahina (5th) and Ollivon (8th).

Unfortunately, Guirado drops a ball on a contact and the Welsh take the opportunity to register an essay by Wainwright (12th). A Biggar penalty (20th) brings them back into contact.

But the Blues impose their game Moriarty, just entered the game instead of Navidi, cut Fickou at the neck. Logic yellow card (29th). In the wake, France stands out with a third try scored by Vakatawa (31st) and transformed. At the break the Blues lead 19-10.

We are far from their lead at the Tournament at the same time of the match (+16 points) but the scenario of this meeting finally lost (24-19) is then in everyone's mind.

Seriously shaken on a tackle and touched in the right thigh, Romain Ntamack gives way to Camille Lopez after the locker room.

The Blues keep control of the game. Lopez misses a drop (44th). At the 47th they choose a penaltouche rather than points. In the grouping that follows, Vahaamahina cracks and nudges a Welsh face. He is logically excluded (49th).

The Welsh soon reduced the score to a Biggar penalty (19-13, 54th). They try to run the French wide and wide. Fortunately, Yoann Huget performs a miraculous interception on a pass from North (65th).

Welshmen abuse kicking but maintain the pressure. While they are about to score, they commit an unwelcome advance 5 meters from the test line (74th). On the scrum that follows, they recover the ball and score. The video does not detect any forward and the Welsh pass 20-19 (74th).

"I do not really have words, reacted Maxime Médard on TF1. It's the 2nd team in the world. They did not panic, they came back. And we, on details, we lacked rigor. We showed that we knew how to play rugby and that there was talent. But it's annoying. We had the team to go further »

The player

Sebastien Vahaamahina. His shaky elbow on a Welsh (49th) earned him a deserved red card. He left his partners 30 minutes to 14. They naturally broke down. At the last tournament it was a bad pass from him who had given the victory to the Welsh.

The number


The number of poles affected by Romain Ntamack on his kicks. A transformation (5th) and a penalty (38th), five points offered to the Welsh. And who miss on arrival.


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