Rumor of contaminated water: open investigation for "dissemination of false information"


An investigation was opened for "publication, diffusion or reproduction of false information likely to disturb the public peace", after the circulation of a rumor evoking a contamination of the water in Paris region, one learned Monday after the parquet of Paris, confirming information of LCI.

This rumor is part of a voice message broadcast on applications like WhatsApp. A woman who said she was a nurse in a Paris hospital said that you should not drink tap water because of contamination.

It appeared after a press release from an association reporting the presence of tritium, a radioactive substance, in this water, without exceeding the thresholds set by the health authorities.

The authorities have ruled out any danger in recent days.

The prefecture of Ile-de-France has denied any "risk to public health".

"There is no problem of water, it is excellent for all populations," said Saturday to AFP Aurelian Rousseau, director general of the Regional Health Agency of Ile-de-France.

The Île-de-France Public Water Service (SEDIF), which has recorded 180 radioactivity measurements since 2010, also argued that tap water could be safely consumed.

The average of these readings is 9 becquerels per liter, "well below" the European regulatory threshold of 100 Bq / l. The reference threshold of the World Health Organization (WHO) is 10,000 Bq / l.


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