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Russia Forms Robot Force Armed with AI Technology from China Page all

MOSCOW, KOMPAS.com – Russia is developing a series of autonomous weapons platforms, which take advantage of artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence – AI).

The project is part of an ambitious push by the Kremlin, which has the backing of high-tech cooperation with neighboring China.

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Russia’s prioritization of AI development in military modernization is featured in a report entitled “Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy in Russia,” published Monday (24/5/2021) by a non-profit research and analysis group. CNA located in Arlington, Virginia.

The report’s authors worked with the Pentagon’s Center for Artificial Intelligence to produce what the organization calls “the first major piece of US research.”

The content of the report articulates Russia’s major initiatives and achievements in the use of AI and places these initiatives within the broader range of technology in Russia.

“Russian military strategists have placed the highest value in establishing what they call ‘information domination on the battlefield’,” the report said.

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“And (the Kremlin) promises improved AI technology to take advantage of the data available on the modern battlefield so that it can protect Russia’s own property and counteract that advantage on the part of the enemy.”

There are significant challenges and some objections, to leave critical decision-making skills up to artificial intelligence and away from the human mind.

But the trend clearly indicates that Russia’s efforts to introduce this advanced capability are well underway.

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Meanwhile critical input came from China, which the report identifies as “Russia’s leading partner in high-tech in general and in artificial intelligence in particular.”

This cooperation between Russia and China is part of a broader strategic partnership fostered by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The relationship between the two is getting stronger despite attempts by the United States to target its closest competitor with various sanctions.

Samuel Bendett, who served as an advisor to the report and was a member of the Autonomous and AI Center of CNA, said much of Moscow and Beijing’s collaboration takes place outside the defense sector.

He said their growing military relationship had opened the door to more comprehensive cooperation.

“Most of the effects of this relationship are seen in the civil sphere, in the high-tech sector and in academic collaboration in the R&D space,” Bendett told Newsweek.

“At the same time, there is evidence of increasing bilateral contact in the military in general, such as participation in strategic level exercises such as Vostok, where command and control cooperation takes part.”

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Bendett also highlighted Russia’s work in helping China build an early warning system for missiles.

The prospect of including AI here “needs to be watched out for, as both countries seek to support their C4ISR (an acronym which refers to command, control, communication, computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities). What’s more, the two countries announced an increase in the number of bilateral military exercises. and exercise.

The Bendett and Edmonds report includes a list of about two dozen platforms being developed by the Russian military that combine multiple levels of AI or autonomy.

This includes land, air and sea-based vehicles as well as special mines, and even anthropomorphic robots that are said to be capable of wielding multiple firearms, driving cars and traveling into space.

Also listed are AI-related additions to the Russian military information management and decision-making complex, defense equipment and logistics, and military manufacturing and training systems.

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