Rutgers football and Greg Schiano require more than ever


Horseshoe the baseline. Major players from the 2000s gathered in the midfield to wear gentle medals.

The only thing that was missing Saturday before Rutgers State hosted Ohio – the only thing that could not make a SHI Stadium emptying was first verified in years – Greg Schiano was going to save the day .

Schiano's return to the program he has made nationally is almost happening – perhaps under the middle of the week – the Post learned in conversations with Rutgers detractors. But the longer it stays, the nervous tension bubbles within a fan base have the right to expect the worst.

Worse than the 19th major victory of ten years – 56-21 lost as 52d / ₂-point below to No. 2 Ohio State – who qualifies as a moral virtue?

Much worse. Because… who else? No one can offer a viable name.

Rutgers needs Schiano because Plan Z is the next choice. Because irony confetti broke from the upper deck when the Scarlet Knights scored an unexpected town after they dropped behind 21-0.

“Greg is the only person who could do it,” said one person who was familiar with Rutgers's internal work, with the Post, “because he already knows the obstacles all in front of you here. ”

And do not forget this: Schiano's Requirements Rutgers must be as bad as he did when he was employed as anyone in 2001 and he gave him a bowl trip before leaving for the NFL in 2011. He wasn't going to until a game day in the last two “jobs” – the principal coach at the University of Tennessee and a defense coordinator for the Patriots.

Justin Fields runs away from Rutgers defenders during Ohio State's victory on Saturday.Getty Images

About the native of New Jersey, 53 years old, where else?

The first of the thousands of loyalists who came into the stadium came around 11:24 left… in the first quarter.

They won their tail conversations: What's involved? Can Schiano hide his muscles with one of his monarchical gag orders? If it comes, how quickly can Rutgers compete again?

“The biggest challenge for him is what he did the last time to do – and it's a little different than it was because of who you play. But if anyone has to do it, he will aim to do it, ”said Mike Teel, former great Rutgers who was training at Don Bosco High School.

“There is now no discussion about Rutgers football. When I was here, you couldn't do 10 steps without saying, ‘Mike Teel, fourth quarter.’ I'm talking to four dozen people today saying that I buy more season tickets if the Coach Schiano comes back.

And yet…

Rutgers' employees security asked the Pickled Knights package tailgating a premium real estate, whose five original members are coming together for about 100 years of season tickets – to rust the previous home game at Athletics director Pat Hobbs urges “to bring Schiano's house now. ”

The pro-Schiano announcement was missing on Saturday, not because of fear – they were ready to fight censorship to pay – but because of moving flag poles in the winds 15 mph.

“It must be,” says Kevin Malast, now Rutgers's former lieutenant at Malka's sports agency. “Or someone as close to him as you can get.”

The worst secret in Piscataway was that Hobbs, who had never raised money as anyone else, wanted Schiano to release his first chosen coach, Chris Ash.

But Hibbs, Rutgers Board of Governors' power broker Greg Brown and Schiano met two weeks ago and asked Schiano, in writing, an upgrade of facilities including a fieldhouse house and an indoor practice area, confirmed by The Post. Consider at least a new $ 80 million Illinois headquarters neighborhood.

It's no surprise. Schiano showed his vision drawings for recruits 15 years ago.

This time, Rutgers has no choice but to give full support to Hobbs and your Brown. This time, Schiano is not wearing jobseekers.

“I have seen it,” Jamaal Westerman, Rutgers and Jets' racing man, remembered. “The vision was always there.”

As the game progressed further and when Rutgers managed to win highlights in 2006 and 2009 he played 'Don't Stop Believin' 'during breaks in play, he raised very distressing for the ghost town.

For Rutgers, who else? For Schiano, where else?

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