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Said Iqbal Threatens 4 Million Workers to Strike If the DPR insists on discussing the Copyright Act


The President of the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPI) Said Iqbal said 4 million workers would go on a nationwide strike. The plan for the national strike workers will be carried out if the DPR RI and the government insistent discuss all about law Copyright Act.

“It could be 3-4 million people and workers will take to the road to stop production to fight,” said Said Iqbal, Friday (1/14/2022).

For information, currently thousands of workers are holding a demonstration in front of the DPR RI building. In a press conference at the demonstration site, Said Iqbal said, in this demonstration, the mass of workers refused all about law Copyright Act.

“The demands put forward by the Labor Party and by the organs of the trade unions and peasant unions are, one, rejected all about law The Work Creation Act, “he said.

Said added, if the demands for today’s demonstration are not met, later KSPI workers will mobilize other workers to hold large-scale actions throughout Indonesia.

“When not heard by the DPR by Baleg, impose all about law The job creation law is still being discussed, so we can be sure that there will be actions every week,” he said.

“It can be said that 2 million workers, at least members of the KSPI, the Labor Party later, will mobilize other masses of action,” he continued.

Apart from that, on the Work Creation Law, Said mentioned that the workers brought other demands. The demand is the PPRT Bill until the revision of the governor’s decision letter related to the minimum wage.

“There are three other issues that we raise, namely to ratify the PPRT Bill. We ask for the revision of the KPK Law to be included in the National Legislation Program. Finally, we ask the governor to revise the governor’s decree on the minimum wage,” he added.

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