Saint-Thibault-des-Vignes: anger after the partial privatization of Monet Square


An outcry of traders and their customers. In recent weeks, a petition has gathered more than 1,000 signatures "for the preservation of businesses on Place Claude-Monet" in Saint-Thibault-des-Vignes.

Starting point, the construction of 54 housing on a plot wedged between the street of the Etang de la Loy and D 418. And by implication, the parking spaces needed to accommodate these new inhabitants.

The transfer of 14 public places voted

"Initially, when the building permit was filed, it was planned two basements then we learned there would be only one level," recalls Mayor Sinclair Vouriot (CNIP).

Studies have indeed shown pollution in the soil and the presence of a sheet of three meters. "What generates an additional cost for the evacuation of land in specialized landfill. So it was decided to make a single basement, "says a note from the town hall.

As a result, other parking spaces had to be found for the new residents, exactly fourteen. "The sale of a portion of the places, currently public, and located in the immediate vicinity of the housing operation conducted by Sully Promotion, would meet the parking needs," says the note before a vote of the city council that gives up the management of the places, in favor of a parking project to be assigned exclusively to lot F 7. It was to help the developer to sell the apartments. But it will move, "adds the mayor.

"It was decided without consulting us"

This is where the traders got stung. "There will be almost nothing for customers, regrets a trader. All the professionals of the place are sensitive to the subject. This was decided without consulting us, especially about our needs and those of the clientele. "

Christophe, the baker, also makes faces: "They put the blue zone but it is not respected. People stay by the day so there is already little parking for guests. Everyone knows that the town is a Gruyère and that there is water everywhere below. The mayor is aware of the problem, he has to catch up to keep public parking spaces. "

50 public places maintained according to the mayor

"I am aware of this necessity. The tradesmen made a petition, I invited them to extend it, answers the mayor. I had meetings with Epamarne who owns the land to maintain 50 public places. They promised me an answer in late September and early October. There will be no loss of public parking, "promises the mayor.

"We are working with the town hall to find a compensatory solution. We are in favor of keeping a car park and are studying a new area near 40 places, "added Epamarne.

"If the petition allowed the mayor to think, this is good news. If he goes back and shows intelligence, that's fine. It was not up to the inhabitants to pay for it, "says Claude Verona, former deputy mayor now independent.


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