Samoa asserts an emergency situation as measles spreads across the Pacific


MELBOURNE: Samoa announced this weekend's emergency situation, the media reported, all schools closed and splitting of public meetings, after several deaths linked to the measles outbreak spread across the Pacific islands.

The island's position confirmed that only 200,000, located south of the equator and halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand, were a measles epidemic in late October after the first deaths were reported.

Since then, he has died at least five of infants under two years of age, linked to the outbreak, according to the Observer Samoa newspaper. Of the 716 suspected cases of measles, the hospital wanted over 40 per cent.

"The way it is now going and the poor coverage (immunization), we expect the worst," said New Zealand Radio, Health Director Samoa, Leausa Take Naseri, saying late this week last.

New Zealand Minister for Foreign Affairs Winston Peters said there would be 3,000 vaccine countries and 12 nurses being sent to Samoa on Friday to help with the outbreak.

"Measles is very contagious, and the outbreak has survived in Samoa," Peters said in a statement. "It is in everyone's interest that we work together to prevent their spread."

The cases of measles are rising worldwide, including in rich nations such as the United States and Germany, where some parents release immunization for philosophical or religious reasons, or anxiety, which has been introduced by medical science, to the effect that the parents may have. These vaccines create autism.

The media in Australia and Samoa reported that the Samoa government had given compulsory vaccination to everyone who had a vaccination program to be published on Monday.

In Tonga, about 900km from Samoa, the health ministry said last week that an outbreak of measles occurred in the country when a squad of Tongan rugby players from New Zealand came back.

Since then, 251 cases of certified or suspected measles have been identified, the ministry said in the statement.

American Samoa, a US territory near Samoa, announced a public health emergency on Thursday after an outbreak of measles in Samoa and Tonga, according to New Zealand average.

(Reported by Lidia Kelly; Editing by Sam Holmes)

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