Samsung sets the date of the new Galaxy Fold in response to the iPhone 11


Little has taken Samsung in reacting to the news about the imminent launch of iPhone 11 in the international market, and has already made the official announcement of the Galaxy Fold availability, a new category of mobile technology. This product will be available in Korea, in the colors Cosmos Black and Space Silver, from tomorrow, September 6 to subsequently reach the rest of the market. It will have a 5G version.

New category

Galaxy Fold is a model that folds and that when closed it allows you to access, with one hand, the applications and when it opens you can explore, in your 7.3 inch screen, new solutions to perform several tasks at the same time. In recent months Samsung has focused on solve some problems that presented the product and that had been detected in the tests prior to the final launch.

'Galaxy Fold is a device that challenges the barriers of traditional smartphone design. We are pleased to be able to announce this pioneer mobile technology in the world and allow consumers to enjoy it for themselves, '' he says. DJ Koh, president and CEO of the IT & Mobile Communications Division of Samsung Electronics. 'Users have responded positively to larger screens, and the revolutionary factor of Galaxy Fold is that it offers a large immersive screen, without sacrificing portability. This is what we know as a significant innovation of the new mobile experience. '


Galaxy Fold combines the functions of smartphones and tablets in a new category of mobile device that transforms the way content is captured, edited and shared. When it is closed, you can record a video, and to watch it on a larger screen, just open it and the continuity application will transfer the cover images to the main screen. Also, with the window multi-active You can run several applications at the same time in real time and perform multiple tasks.

With the version for 5G, which still has no date for launch in our market, you can take advantage of the fastest speeds of the operators, which together with its 7.3-inch Infinity Flex screen will make it possible to change even Way we consume content.


Starting next September 18, Galaxy Fold will be available in some European countries. The arrival in Spain is scheduled for October with a price of € 2,000 and Galaxy Fold 5G for € 2,100.



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