San Fermn 2019: Pamplona under the deluge: chronicle of an announced suspension



At 19:08 hours it was announced that the fourth bullfight of the Bull Fair was definitively aborted in the face of the constant rain and the impracticable state of the ring after work against the clock

Workers of the Monumental of Pamplona working against the current to try to leave the arena in optimal conditions for the fight.

At 17:15 the floodgates of heaven gave way to an uncontrollable torrent. Caes a stormy sea plumb over Pamplona; the unprotected ring of the Monumental became minutes in a swamp. One hour later, the operators worked against the clock with absorbent foam rollers. Some of it drains it up on the loop like bears in the circus. The bullfighters had already arrived and they were parleying with the "rara avis" company that is the Casa de Misericordia. It did not paint well the darkness of the clouds reflected in the watery mirrors of the sand. The forecasts predicted a brief truce until 7:00 p.m., "a window" to be used to fix the floor, announced the Government delegate Jess Campo.Manuel Escribano,Rubn PinarYJuan del lamoThey waited in the little chapel with the tension accumulated in the bruxist jaws. The luminous panels announced the pact of postponement at 18:37, and the anger of the peas atron to the cry of "s can, s can!". The sharp barnacles that were rays in the morning rushed their time in the corrals.

The "window" closed before an hour and at 6:44 pm the whole Cantbrico collapsed. The MECA will be remembered as a harakiri of the unpredictability of the canvas, although at this point even with it there would have been a miracle. Manuel Escribano spoke as a director of Lydia for all his companions and for the first: "If it stops raining, the three of us are willing, but …". The responsibility prevailed. For all the bullfighters – the gangs of course included – and for the public: a run in such circumstances is not only a risk, but a fraudulent spectacle. Pinar also does not see anything clear: "This is very black". The same would think an employee who gave him a giant Nancy dryer to the puddles. The artificial lights illuminated the music of the diminished population. "Yes you can, yes you can!" They chanted. But it could not. What can not be can not be and is impossible, sentenci Rafael el Gallo.

The suspension was unbridgeable at 19:08. Like a death announced.

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