San Sebastián will pay tribute to actor Arturo Fernández


On Wednesday, August 28 Donostia Kultura will offer a tribute in memory of actor Arturo Fernández, deceased on July 4 and a regular in the theater programming of San Sebastián for decades.

It will take place in the Dance Hall of Victoria Eugenia at seven in the afternoon, with entrance through the Club Room. It is going to have the presence of actresses Paula Martel and Carmen del Valle, who have had an important professional relationship with the Asturian actor. Donostiarra Paula Martel is the actress who has worked more often with Arturo Fernández. In the eighties he participated in titles such as 'Tribute', 'The girl in the back seat', 'The second chance' and 'Orange duck'. After a break in his work as an actress, he returned in 2002 to perform the play 'Esmoquín', again with Arturo Fernández. Two years later he did it in the second part of this comedy.

Carmen del Valle is the actress who has worked these last two years with Arturo Fernández in the play 'High seduction'. He already did it before with the same scenic couple in 'The roller coaster', one of the most celebrated pieces in the Spanish theater's career.

Free entrance

The tribute next Wednesday will consist essentially of a talk with these two actresses, moderated by Roberto Herrero, theater critic of El Diario Vasco. Through them the most personal side of the great actor will be announced that so many afternoons of entertainment starred on the stage of the Principal. It is also a recognition of his loyalty to the theater for more than 60 years and to San Sebastián, where he has always had a large number of followers.

The entrance to the event is free, although due to the limited capacity it will be necessary Pick up the invitations at the theater box office from two hours before.



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