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Schröder’s move to the Los Angeles Lakers was perfect

Dhe expected a change of the German national basketball player Dennis Schröder to NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers with superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis is perfect. The Lakers tweeted late Wednesday evening on the sidelines of the NBA draft: “Officially: Welcome to Los Angeles, Dennis Schröder”.

The 27-year-old Schröder is moving from Oklahoma City Thunder to the metropolis on the west coast. In return, Lakers actor Danny Green goes to Oklahoma. Jaden McDaniels, drafted by the Lakers on Thursday night, also plays for OKC.

The fact that Schröder recently gave the impression that he did not want to leave Thunder does not play a role because of the laws in American sports – because if two clubs agree, players have to change jerseys. Few professionals have clauses in their contracts that exclude this. “Yes, I have received offers”, Schröder said just a few days ago in the Magenta Sport “Basketball Department” podcast about past inquiries. “But I never wanted to go to the Lakers, the Clippers, or all the names that called my agent.”

Lakers idol Earvin “Magic” Johnson was looking forward to Dennis Schröder even before the official confirmation. “The only problem with LeBron, AD and Dennis Schröder is that we can’t go to the home games at the Staples Center next season,” tweeted Johnson.

The Lakers will start the NBA season starting December 22nd without a home crowd due to the corona pandemic. Johnson described the move as “impressive” and said the trade put the franchise in a position to repeat the championship title.

Development player Schröder had an average of 18.9 points, 3.6 rebounds and 4.0 assists last season. In addition, he had been nominated for the award as the most valuable substitute player (“Sixth Man”). Ultimately, he was second behind Montrezl Harrell of the Los Angeles Clippers. National coach Henrik Rödl described the past season as Schröder’s “best season”.

Schröder was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in 2013 and moved to OKC two years ago. In the play-offs OKC was eliminated in the first round in the seventh game against the Houston Rockets.


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