Seat 1400, the pioneer who opened the gap to 600




Cars with history there are many. Cars that deserve to occupy a page in the history of a nation, very few. Ramón Roca Maseda, patron of the foundation of the RACE, collected all of them in his book «The automobile in the history of Spain», a historical, sociological and technical review of 130 years of automotive history and its impact on our country.

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The birth of the car and Alfonso XIII, in 1886, and the failed attack against José María Aznar, in 1995, open and close a work in which companies such as Pegaso and Hispano Suiza, models such as the Duesenberg J, occupy a prominent place. that Alfonso XIII finally left Madrid for his exile, or vehicles such as the Seat 1400, the car that timidly began to motorize Spain. Cars, like the Morris Prince of Asturias, which sometimes do not remember the brands that made them, and that led to princes, kings, presidents of the Republic and the Government or dictators. In them they traveled and rested, were acclaimed, booed, shot and some even died.

Seat 1400

Although the merit of motorizing Spain is the Seat 600, its success would not have been possible without the Seat 1400. Produced under the Fiat license, it was practically identical to the Fiat 1400/1900.

Its production allowed to lay the foundations of the national automotive industry, which would develop rapidly thanks to import restrictions resulting from the autonomous policy of Franco.

«This car started the Spanish motorization, although it was only within reach of very high classes. It was super-luxury, ”says Roca Maseda. Its price was 117,000 pesetas at the time. The engine was a 4-cylinder in-line of 1,395 cc water-cooled, which developed 44 hp, which allowed it to reach 120 km / h.

It was released for the first time on November 13, 1953, just three years after the creation of Seat as a company. The first unit had plate number B-87.223. At that time, the production rate was only five vehicles per day, a number that would increase rapidly.



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