Second reprieve: US extends exemption for doing business with Huawei


Huawei smartphone users will not have to spend another three months accessing Google apps.

The US government extended the exemption for certain deals with the Chinese smartphone provider and network equipment supplier for another 90 days, according to the Department of Commerce in Washington.

Most recently, in mid-August, the US government had imposed such a 90-day reprieve and said that this should give affected customers more time to look for alternatives. The renewed extension should also be geared not to undermine the ongoing trade talks with China.

The Chinese group Huawei is a leading supplier of mobile networks, including in Europe and the second largest smartphone provider in the world.

The US placed Huawei on a list of companies whose business dealings with US partners are under strict control in May amid the trade war with China.

Anyone who wants to sell or transfer US technology to Huawei has to acquire a license. This can be denied if security interests are affected. Huawei is suspected by the US to spy for China. Evidence has not yet been made public, Huawei rejects the allegations.

The US government's intention with the extended waiver is also to avoid possible defaults on smaller US mobile service providers in rural areas who had their networks fitted with Huawei's broadcasting equipment.

For users of Huawei smartphones, the step means, among other things, that Google can continue to provide the Android operating system with its current operating system for the time being in full with updates.

Huawei stressed that they will continue to offer security patches and software updates and support for the Android system even in the event of an embargo. In this case you will get updates and patches via Android Open Source, which is not affected by the trade restrictions.


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