Senator centrist Harris falls from the Democratic primary


One of the women who until just a few months ago was very likely to dispute the presidency of Donald Trump for the Democratic Party in the 2020 elections has retired this Tuesday from the primaries, with the excuse that he has not been able to knead enough funds with donations.

Kamala Harris, a 55-year-old California senator, met many requirements to be able to win the Democratic nomination: woman, a Jamaican father and an Indian mother; experienced as a prosecutor; centrist and moderate, and whose harsh interrogation of Supreme Judge Brett Kavanaugh in 2018 catapulted her to national fame.

"My campaign for the presidency does not have the necessary resources to move forward," Harris said Tuesday in an email sent to his supporters. "With great sadness and with great gratitude, I announce that I am suspending my primary campaign as of today," he added.

Little did Harris's popularity last. He announced his candidacy in January 2019 in the Californian town of Oakland, before a crowd of 22,000 people who impressed the Democrats and alerted the Republicans. So much so that, asked about it, President Donald Trump told the newspaper "The New York Times" that Harris had the best start in the Democratic primary. "He had a great start," Trump admitted.

Harris had several serious problems with the Democratic bases. The greatest is his long experience as a prosecutor and his recommendations for conviction, which earned him a reputation as hard and insensitive. Several analysts also accuse her of protecting police officers who manipulated evidence to force guilty verdicts, harming racial minorities above all.

Then there is the issue of his race, which belonged to the Republican campaign. Harris considers himself African-American, but his critics say he doesn't really fall into that category because he is a first-generation American, with an Indian mother and a Jamaican father. This is a problem created by ads from conservative groups on social networks. The president's son, Donald Jr., came to share a message on Twitter – he later deleted it – stating that "Kamala is not black."

The rest of the candidates in the Democratic primary has supported Harris in the face of this campaign of personal attacks and another candidate for the presidency, Cory Booker, who is also black, warned in a debate that "Kamala Harris does not have to prove anything to anyone" About his race

Racial wounds, however, were present throughout the campaign, and Senator Harris came to criticize former Vice President Joe Biden very harshly for saying that several measures to end segregation, such as sending poor black students to neighborhood schools Rich of white majority, have not been useful.

The truth is that, despite defending well in the debates, the latest polls do not give Harris more than 5% popularity. In the average of "Real Clear Politics" polls, Senator Harris is at 2.4%, compared to 27% of Biden.

There are now 15 candidates left for the presidential. Those most likely are Biden, leftist senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, and the mayor of Indianapolis and the first openly gay candidate in the history, Pete Buttigieg. The primaries begin in February with the "caucus" of Iowa. The general elections will be on November 3, 2020.


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