Senegal: "AmathDansokho was the best of us"


Several personalities including the President of the National Assembly, Moustapha Niasse, the President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC), Aminata Toure, members of the government, deputies, as well as several officials and officers of the army have took part Sunday at the main hospital in Dakar, at the ceremony to lift the body of former Minister of State Amath Dansokho. Family members and friends of the deceased, elected officials as well as representatives of trade unions, civil society and religious guides also participated in this ceremony.

A historical leader

A major figure in Senegalese politics for more than 60 years, Amath Dansokho died in Dakar on Friday (August 23rd), 82 years after his illness, against President Léopold Sédar Senghor, Abdou Diouf and Abdoulaye Wade. Actor witness of the political life, "Dansokho loses the final struggle" title the Daily newspaper. The Sun greets A "tireless fighter of democracy". The journal looks back on the journey of a "man of conviction and overflowing generosity. A kingmaker. Saturday the Senegalese press was echoing this painful event, occurred a few weeks after the death of several Senegalese as Ousmane Tanor Dieng of the Socialist Party or Jacques Diouf, the former Director General of FAO.

The political actors unanimous

The leader of the ruling coalition, the man who for many years led the Communist Party of Independence and Labor (PIT), was an ally of President Macky Sall, who has been in power since 2012. The Senegalese head of state hailed "a great fighter of freedom, democracy and progress of peoples". Amath Dansokho "will have been of all the fights and marked our contemporary political and social history for his eminent and historical role of link between several generations of political actors, of tireless great convener", published Macky Sall in a statement.

It is to defend a communist ideal of justice and equality that Amath Dansokho will enter politics. A politician and trade unionist, he was imprisoned several times and had been in exile for many years under President Senghor (1960-1980), staying in African countries and the former Eastern Bloc. He also opposed presidents Diouf (1981-2000) and Wade (2000-2012), who appointed him minister before dismissing him after his criticisms against their management. The newspaper L'Observateur came back to the last confidences of the man, with a photo of Dansokho's back. The title that bars the A salute the fighter "he was a Tsar of fights". In the opposition, several politicians praised his memory as Ousmane Sonko, PASTEF party president and MP since July 2017.

"This is a baobab that has just fallen, a man who has been in all the struggles for democracy and fundamental freedoms" in Senegal and Africa, said on Twitter the defender of human rights and personality of the civil society Alioune Tine. "He was a great patriot who throughout his life served Senegal and Africa," said former Prime Minister and opponent Idrissa Seck.

"It's Senegal that loses, it's Africa that loses"

Amath Dansokho was a member of the African Independence Party (PAI), which was the first Communist formation of the French colonies in Black Africa, before resigning to create with others the PIT. The president of the National Assembly, Moustapha Niasse evokes "a man of conviction and faith" while the President of the Economic and Social Council: Aminata Toure indicates that "a great fighter of social justice has rested".

The death of Amath Dansokho has had a wave of resonance in Africa, and especially in neighboring Guinea, where President Alpha Condé paid tribute to this historical figure of the Senegalese left. " I am deeply saddened by the news. Amath was a faithful and sincere friend. He was an exceptional man. He is a friend, a friend I knew when he was the representative of the African Independence Party (PAI). People thought at the time that Amath was my brother when they saw us together. She was the person to whom I was most attached to Senegal. Even when I had to spend an hour in Senegal, I had to go to see him. I admire his commitment, his selflessness and his familiarity " "
Reacted Alpha Condé. The daily Walf plunged into his archives and found an almost premonitory interview of Amath Dansokho dating from 2010 and in which he almost seems to make his testament: "If I die, I would not want folk tribute, the esteem of the people is enough for me. Becoming president of the republic has never touched my mind. "


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