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“Shocked”, Thierry Lhermitte sharply criticizes Jean-Marie Bigard and his comments on Emmanuel Macron (video)

This Saturday, December 5, the French actor was the guest of the “Unexpected Journal” on RTL. At the end of the show, he commented on the attitude of the comedian Jean-Marie Bigard and he was not four ways.

With his rants in shovel, Jean-Marie Bigard does not only make friends. The comedian continues to prune the actions of the French government on the sidelines of the health crisis and does not hesitate to use strong words, too strong. Result, François Cluzet or Gérard Jugnot have already reacted by severely criticizing the behavior of a Bigard who dreamed of being President of the French Republic.

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This time, it’s Thierry Lhermitte’s turn to say what he thinks of the conspiratorial opinions and the disproportionate will to action of the comedian. On RTL, the actor had the opportunity to send a message to a personality at the end of the “Unexpected Journal” of Ophélie Meunier. Before that, the actor had also spoken about the coronavirus and the conspirators who imagine that the Covid-19 is a global manipulation. He found the right words. He therefore chose to contact Jean-Marie Bigard and did not spare him when he had originally come to call on radio listeners to make a donation to the Foundation for Medical Research which he is the godfather. It is expressed thus, like the pin TV-Leisure

« Jean-Marie, the other day you said: ‘When is the army going to enter the Élysée, arrest the other and judge him in the afternoon’. So that is a crime, I think it’s called sedition. But do you really think it’s a good idea to have a military diet? Me, I do not want at all to have Pinochet or the Greek colonels in France and to have an exceptional justice which judges people in the afternoon. You are a great humorist, but there, Jean-Marie, it’s not funny at all ».


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