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The close of the fiscal year has been narrowly averted catastrophe after another.

First, one of the buyers in the new year t – but it isn 's, but it' s not nearly the best IT staff working on it, and no solution is in sight. The only good news is that it will be processed on Monday.

, Says fish'ns boss. But that 's when the other shoe drops, says fish. “Actually, whole shelf of shoes.”

In the one of the agency's departments resigns. She won 't Don't panic, says boss; instead of locking the account.

. T But not.

Laptop dies. But the top-notch tech team, within their couple of hours.

Everyone knows. But all of this has been a prelude. , All the printers, across all campuses, to offline. Why? For scheduled networking the update for the printer software. “Critical Events” calendar warns, “Perform absolutely no system maintenance on this day.”

This is the first of these days, since this is the first day of the year. There is nothing to do but improvise.


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