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Wanted, but didn’t reach.
Big dreams can’t come true.
The wave of fear was irresistible.
Great hope, ashamed to step up.

Shame, will be left behind.
Shame, will be retarded.
Shame, will be selected.
Shame, will bear a heavy burden.

Ohh, like that is it a shame?
Is it really such a shame?
Certainly not and not.
That’s not a shame, it’s pessimism.
It is a real enemy within.

Shame is not not knowing kindness.
Shame is not not wanting to achieve success.
Shame on the right to reach for the stars.
Because it’s a shame that the culture is beautiful and good.

Shame actually.
Shame for usurping people’s rights.
Shame for being irresponsible.
Shame about puffing out your chest.
That is a real shame.
Not ashamed of doing good.


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