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Simons joins forces with Université Laval to launch design objects made by students!

What student would have thought one day to see his work on sale at Simons? Well, this is the case for design students from Laval University!

Factory 1840, initiative of The Simons House, opened its platform for the first time to students as part of a unique capsule collection. The collaboration between Fabrique 1840 and the School of Design of the Faculty of Planning, Architecture, Art and Design at Laval University in Quebec allows us to offer 11 products designed by students on the online platform from the Canadian retailer today. All proceeds from the student capsule collection will be used to fund the graduation cohort’s year-end exhibit.

The students had to design objects in a spirit of compact living, both functional and minimalist, which corresponds to Fabrique 1840. The objects chosen for sale on Fabrique 1840 are thus all handmade by the students themselves .

“Turning to the next generation is natural for us, since it is our mission to support Canadian artisans, both those starting up and those well established in order to become an accelerator for them. We are convinced that this partnership with graduates from Laval University is only the first step towards a greater commitment to design schools across Canada! “

– Cécile Branco, Director of Factory 1840

This initiative is a really interesting way to test the entrepreneurial aspect of students by producing their object in mini-series, in addition to enjoying exceptional visibility at the start of their career. Since Fabrique 1840 positions itself as an accelerator for Canadian artisans, it was important for them to create a bridge with design schools in order to be a showcase for the creators of tomorrow.

See all the products in the gallery above or otherwise find them on Fabrique 1840.

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