Sneijder's shocking physical change just two weeks after he retired


Only two weeks ago, on August 12, Wesley Sneijder was an active footballer. With all that that entails. He had been one of the good guys, and his physique, although he never stood out above the average, remained within the necessary margins to function in professionalism.

It has been enough less than 14 days for the good of Sneijder, now in the governing body of the club from which he left, the Utrecht, to show off an alarming physical appearance, mainly because of how fast his deterioration has been.

Soft drink in hand, the Dutch midfielder has been recorded entering to watch the Utrecht match against Willem II with sunglasses and tight white shirt, marking a torso to which a good number of kilos have been added. Something that is usually a matter of months, if not years, and that Sneijder has achieved in just a few days.

Wesley Sneijder enjoying his retirement a bit too much— Xav Salazar (@XavsFutbol)

August 25, 2019 . (tagsToTranslate) sneijder (t) fat


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