Some people say on WeWork's Board is discussing the remand on his C.O.O.


A number of WeWork board members and major investors are in private discussions whether Adam Neumann, chief executive and co-founder of the co-operative company, and how he would empower the company to make the company prosper, and those involved talks.

The debates have come as some major money managers said they would not invest in the company unless an experienced operator comes in, some of these people said.

The talks about Mr Neumann's current role are informal. They come after WeWork's parent, the Company Company, forced a planned public tender last week among concerns from potential investors about the company's business model and how it is run.

Board members and investors have not yet attended Mr Neumann about their concerns, these people said. But Mr Neumann has indicated that he is not interested in giving up more power. He has already agreed to a number of corporate governance changes that reduce his control, including nominating an independent director and reducing his voting power.

It is unclear how the board of Mr Neumann could be removed, governing the voting power within the company, without his consent.

It is likely that pressure to replace it would be momentum if WeWork, the most significant external investor, signed SoftBank from Japan. At present, the Japanese technology giant appears to have a preference for Mr Neumann.

Speakers for WeWork and SoftBank refused to comment.


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