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some Valencia fans who went to Italy, with cough and fever

The Ministry of Health will send a fact sheet on the COVID-19 coronavirus to Valencia CF fans who traveled to Milan to attend the Champions League match against Atalanta with recommendations on what to do and where to call if they get sick.

This was stated on Monday by Herme Vanaclocha, deputy director general of Epidemiology, Health Surveillance and Environmental Health, who added that at this time nor you have to take “no action” in relation to the parties of Fallas or contests held at Feria Valencia.

This fact sheet will also be sent to footwear entrepreneurs who traveled to Milan last week. “Our main concern is all Valencians who are coming and going from Italy, so that they have the necessary information and know what the real situation is,” Vanaclocha said.

Thus, through Valencia CF and the business associations of footwear and travel agencies, the information sheets will be channeled to all the people who have gone to Milan to witness the Valencia CF match against Atalanta or have attended the International Footwear Fair so that they are informed about the disease.

He has indicated that at this time “it does not make any sense” the self-isolation of those who have arrived from the region of Lombardy, although as the situation evolves, a “half isolation” could be recommended.

“The risk is minimal and as we learn more we will adopt joint actions, because all the autonomous communities work in a very coordinated way with the Ministry of Health and this with Europe,” according to the head.

According to the newspaper 20minutes, some of the fans have a cough and fever. Valencia fans who went to Italy, with a cough and fever, but also blame him for being nothing more than a constipated, habitual of these dates.

Asked if measures will be taken before the arrival next March 10 to Valencia of the Atalanta team to play the second leg of the Champions Leage, Vanaclocha has said: “I don’t even know if that team is going to be able to come, honestly, because Bergamo is within the region of Lombardy. “

“Many days will pass by March 10; last week my answers would have been very different from what they are today. It will be valued with football clubs and the Ministry of Health and we will see what happens,” he replied .

According to Vanaclocha, the first known cases in Italy are from last Friday, and since then “almost no time has passed” and when making decisions in other European countries you must know perfectly “what is happening”.

The undersecretariat has indicated that “it makes no sense” to test all people who have traveled to the affected area of ​​Italy or all travelers who arrive at the airport because it is unknown how long it takes until the virus is positive.

Therefore, the information sheet will be sent to you with recommendations if you become ill, so that you can contact the Department of Health. “We think the risk is very low and our obligation is to try to reach the maximum possible containment.”

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