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Surprisingly, despite not having spent a month since the last elections, there has been so much urgency to form autonomous and municipal governments, and so little to invest a national government. Perhaps the conclusion that can be drawn, with all the consequences that it entails, is that, in reality and for the citizen, the appointment of a community president, with his councilors, and of a mayor, with his councilors, is more urgent. of the president of a country, with his ministers. One of the derivatives can be deadly.

In Castilla y León we already have ours, conformed with a lot less difficulty than originally planned. The lovers of gender ideology are excited by the fact that it is not a joint government, but, what do you want me to say? A servant is more of paritian governments, that is, governments capable of giving birth to ideas, new projects and suckers with a bread under the arm, that governments of quota in which one does not know if it is for meritocracy or for being male, female or half-pensioner.

However, in Madrid – understood as quintessential Spanish metonymy – it is costing them much more to give birth. Each one goes after his own, which is not the benefit of the citizen, but his own. Thus, the podemita leader is like crazy for catching a backpack – the wallet and the queue are not compatible – of minister, at any price. Presumably, his intention will be to, in a couple of years, seem so of the government party that its incorporation to it sounds like a natural evolution. For his part, the acting president – who at this step can be the entire legislature, if they leave him – continues to rely on the advice of his aulico advisor (who subscribed has already recognized Ivan Redondo his clear vision of political strategist ) and seeking to delay the times to provoke a new electoral appointment that ends up completely eradicating the purple of the Spanish chromatic palette.

And as for the adversaries, we must point out the lack of tact and tactics, and the bad joint strategy. Because to let govern the socialists abstaining, as the PSOE did with the PP in 2016 – it is true that a certain Pedro Sánchez had to be thrown out of the general secretariat to propitiate it – it could be the best way to avoid that, in new elections, Sanchez leave reinforced. And incidentally, would force the now acting president to be a president in the minority at the risk of many swings. But that will not happen. No, because the Spain of now is a Poltergeist Spain, of strange phenomena, as well as that of a certain Segovian Maroto. Will Tudanca be right? . (tagsToTranslate) Spain (t) poltergeist


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