Spain wins the Basketball World Championship


Spain, with five Catalan players in its rows, has again proclaimed this Sunday in Beijing basketball champion in a new defensive exhibition that has managed to deactivate the Argentine Navy, which has been braking dry from beginning to End, leaving it with honey on the lips after completing both an extraordinary tournament (75-95).

Thirteen years after his triumph in the World Cup in Japan, the story of that final was repeated. There has only been a team on the track, which has a lot of merit in having a rival that frightened all his opponents, seized Serbia and France and arrived with Luis Scola and Facundo Campazzo in a form state superlative

Here has been the merit of the Spaniards. They have dried the two rival stars, they have multiplied behind and attacked with the confidence of a team with more experience in these combats, in which the previous work of Sergio Sariolo and his team was noted.

From the start, the Italian coach has opted for Serbia to change their home team by giving input to Pierre Oriola replacing Víctor Claver and with a clear-cut as titanic: trying to slow down the hitherto intractable Luis Scola. The Catalan pivot has been the first basket of the final.

He has followed suit from mid-range Ricky Rubio and triple Marc Gasol who, in a moment, have given Spain the first advantages of the afternoon. Argentina was not thin and began to chain errors, which has tried to slow down Sergio Hernandez with a long time to go 2-12 against in less than three minutes.

The scariolo woven fabric was beginning to work and the anticipation of its men allowed them to steal balls and to leave with speed. In addition, the rebound was his and was still without news of Scola. A solitary basket of Nico Brussino was the little Argentine booty after four and a half minutes of play.

The new escort from Casademont Zaragoza was the only one with clear ideas in attack and his were the first seven points of an albiceleste selection that, given the sudden braking in the offensive production of his rival, has managed to rely on and has Chained a 8-0 match that filled him to the final.

Almost four minutes of Spanish drought have been about to cost him the income that he had so much to build. The advantage has been left to a single point, although the European team has been able to recover and finish the first quarter with a comfortable mattress (14-23, min 10).

Argentina has risen pressure to try to force errors and run counterattack but it was not at all comfortable. The shots did not fit him and Spain followed his. Two triples of Rudy have risen 14-31 in the 13-minute marker and Nico Laprovittola has been forced to take revenge to avoid disruption.

The base of Real Madrid scored from all positions and supposed a temporary relief for the attacked attack by those of Sergio Hernandez, who hit time and time again with a wall in Spanish painting, although they kept in the game for their Individual quality and the success of Laprovittola.

The best news for Spain at this point was the zero points of Luis Scola and the six that Campazzo added at the break. The two main South American threats seemed deactivated, although Pau Ribas and Ricky Rubio have gone to the changing rooms with three fouls, the only relief that Argentina could take.

As the defense worked like before Italy and Serbia, Spain enjoyed on the parquet of the Wukesong Sport Center, while Argentina did not find its game and, Orphan of Scola and without rebound (15-26), spent its worst minutes of the championship (31-43, min 20).

The third quarter began as the previous one ended, with Scola out and Spain growing in basketball and their chances of victory.

Marc Gasol tapped back for a double match and Ricky Rubio was showing off his teammates with home brand assists. He also scored and his 2 + 1 has climbed the maximum advantage until then (33-55 min 25).

When you see yourself against the ropes, Argentina has served as a race. Two triple fasts by Gabriel Deck and Campazzo have not liked Scariolo, who has called his side to the table, aware that if they were in the match, the title could endanger.

Finally, Luis Scola, who had an average of 19.3 points per match in the tournament, was able to release his score with a couple of free shots. It had been 27 minutes and the differences continued to be around twenty.

In the final ten minutes it has come with the shock almost stuck in Spain and the Argentineans in search of a miracle (49-66, min 30).

The last quarter began in the first three games, which did not change the panorama in the Beijing Pavilion, until, with almost everything lost, Argentina pressured in defense and managed to get twelve points with seven minutes on the front.

The battle has begun to gain its emotion that it had lacked until then. Argentina did not give its arm to Torcore and, in the absence of Scola, it has used Laprovittola, Deck and Campazzo to reactivate itself.

Llull, with a 2 + 1 and Juancho Hernangómez with a triple, have oxygen in Spain, coinciding with the first basket in play of Luis Scola, at 5.37 at the end of the game.

Spain did not trust him, aware of the rival that he had before, who took advantage of any small bundle to continue striking with the faith that characterizes him, although time played against him.

The selection of Scariolo has been dedicated to moving the ball with criterion to seal a triumph that few imagined. He left Beijing unbeaten and with his second World Cup in his pocket. The new generation has managed to return to Spain at the top of basketball thirteen years later.

75 – Argentina (14 + 17 + 16 + 28): Facundo Campazzo (11), Nicolás Brussino (8), Patricio Garino (-), Marcos Delía (2) and Luis Scola (8) – initial quintet -, Tayavek Gallizzi (-), Nico Laprovittola (17), Gabriel Deck (24), Luca Vildoza (2) and Máximo Fjellerup (-) and Agustín Caffaro (-) and Redivo (3).

95 – Spain (23 + 20 + 23 + 29): Ricky Rubio (20), Rudy Fernandez (11), Juancho Hernangómez (11), Pierre Oriola (6) and Marc Gasol (14) – I'm titulars-, Pau Ribas (5), Víctor Claver (2), Willy Hernangómez (11) and Sergio Llull (15), Rabaseda (-), Colom (-) and Beiran (-).

Referees: Cristiano Maranho (BRA), Yohan Rosso (FRA) and Steven Anderson (USA). Pau Ribas and Juancho Hernangómez have been eliminated for fouls by Spain and Nico Brussino for Argentina.

Incidences: China World Cup finals at the Wukasong Sports Center in Beijing before about 18,000 spectators who filled the grounds. The party was attended by the Spanish Minister of Culture and Sports, José Guirao

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