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Spider-man’s biggest secret was discovered by Doctor Strange | Marvel | MCU nnda nnlt | CHEKA

If we told you that he is being persecuted by his own friends and allies it may seem crazy to you, but there is nothing more true than this, since this time the Marvel hero suffers a persecution by members of his own family after being possessed by the malevolent mind by Mindred.

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It turns out that in Amazing Spider-Man # 51, from Nick Spencer and Patrick Gleason, one of Spider-Man’s most dangerous enemies, Mindred takes control of the minds of the “Spiderfamily” to subdue Peter Parker.

Spider-Man knows that the only one who can help him deal with spirits and demons to save his friends is Marvel’s resident Sorcerer Supreme. Upon meeting them and after listening to Peter, the Doctor Strange explains to the hero that the only way to save his brothers is by taking them to the astral plane.

In his attempt to help him, something goes wrong causing the Supreme Sorcerer to discover shocking signs that will prevent him from fully helping Parker, because this one could have ever made a deal with Mephisto, the devil of the Marvel Universe, published .

Spider-Man is a superhero who first appeared in the Amazing Fantasy # 15 anthology comic, in the Silver Age of Comics (Photo: Marvel / Sony Channel)

This story goes back to when Aunt May was shot that was aimed at Spider-Man himself. So to save his life, Peter and his then-wife Mary Jane made a deal with Mephisto: they traded their marriage for the life of their relative.

Dr. Stephen warns that all memories of Peter’s marriage have been erased from his memory and that he will have to use other methods that do not involve the hero in order to help him.

However, after Strange says goodbye to Spider-Man, he realizes that Vishanti’s Hand is gone, so he concludes that Spider-Man has also been trying by other means to find Kindred in case he Dr. Strange will refuse to help him.


Writer Nick Spencer seems to have decided to put an end to the mystery about the identity of Kindred, the last great Spider-Man villain in the Marvel comics.

When Norman Osborn, Spider-Man’s eternal rival is defeated by the Devourer, he explains to Parker that during all this time he knew the identity of the evil Kindred, who is none other than his son: Harry Osborn, according to a publication from .


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