Stphan Balay's "Vitus Prohibita, Le Retour From Cpages Rsistants" wins the MOST 2019 Grand Jury Prize


The film by Stéphan Balay 'Vitus Prohibita, Le Retour From Cépages Résistants'has been the winner of the International Film Festival of Wine and Cava MOST 2019 In Vilafranca del Penedès, with the Jury Prize valued at 3,000 euros, because "it discovers a history of rebellion and resistance to wine." In an edition that has broken attendance records and He has surpassed the 5,300 spectators according to the organization, Héctor Montaño also received an award, specifically the Jury of the Brot 2019 section for the movie 'Too far away to hear everything', worth 1,000 euros. Honorary prizes have been for the Catalan actress and director Assumpta Serna and Ventura Pons, in recognition of his "dilated cinematic career".

While the Jury of the Grand Prize of the Jury was formed by Audrey Doré, winner of the prize for the Best Sommelier of Catalonia; the writer and critic specializing in cinema Núria Vidal; Casimiro Torreiro, historian, university professor and programmer of the Malaga Festival; Joan Asens, producer of Celler Orto Vins and member of the Board of the O. Montsant and the Board of the Priority Association; and Pilar Sanmartín, winemaker of Celler Bàrbara Forés; The Jury of the Brot section had the participation of Josep Julien, playwright and actor of theater, television and cinema; Jordi Sánchez-Navarro, programmer, film professor and film essayist, and Mònica Rovira, director and actress.

On the other hand, at the section Collision 2019 the winners have been 'Cooperative winery of Gandesa. Witnesses'by Oriol Gràcia and Esther Benet, with the Catalan Wine Prize due to its centenary; 'The wine, the world and us' by Antonio Lobo, who has received the International Project Prize and who has been valued to explain the story "of a triumph, failure and a future projection"; and 'Vinho' by André Laranjinha, who has received the award for Best Documentary and has been awarded to explain "a reality that disappears" from "rigor" cinematographic.

They have also been recognized 'Patchwork'by María Manero Muro, who has achieved the Prize for Best Fiction for how "it reflects the reality of human relationships imaginatively"; 'DO Penedès. 2.700 years' by Jordi Escofet as the Best Promotional for how "invites you to know and enjoy"; and 'The invisible' by Sergey Tsoller, who won the Arrels Prize because the jury considered that it reminds us that "wine is also the fruit of invisible energy, wonderful, unique and magical in each vineyard."

He Young Jury Prize has been for 'Cow'by Marta Bayarri, with a jury formed by Núria Folch, Ferran Calvet and Ferran Margarit, who wanted to recognize their "critical" character and their "daring" in the "strong portrait" of the human and animal souls; while 'Pizza' by Aitor de Kintana Moraza and Iñaki Rikarte Egidazu has received the Audience Award.

An edition with a record of participation

According to the festival, the increase in attendance – which is estimated at about 500 people since the last edition – is due to the largest media coverage of the event, which has led to an increase in the public in all of Catalonia and that the origin and profiles of attendees have been expanded. Thus, they point out that the faithful public has also grown and is "increasingly transversal", so it goes to cinematic events but also to wine and tasting cinema sessions.

As they remark, one of the activities that is most successful at the festival is the tasting formula with a film, which highlights "the extraordinary involvement of the speakers." Most in the wineries also consider that "it has worked very well", largely thanks to the proactivity of wineries to program unique wine tourism activities that complement the projection.

The festival, which lasted ten days, made this afternoon Sunday its closing party, during which the prizes were awarded and the premiere of the film 'The daughter of a thief' was premiered, a thriller by Belén Funes starring Eduard Fernández and Greta Fernández. The festival will continue between November 27 to December 1 at the Priorat.



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