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Sudden Lockdown, This Woman Is Stuck In Her Blind Date Friend’s Apartment


Viral video of a woman trapped in the apartment of her blind date because the Chinese government suddenly imposed a lockdown. Photo/CNN

BEIJING – A date should make a deep impression on anyone. But that doesn’t apply to the original woman China this is because the dating event fell apart after the country’s government suddenly imposed a lockdown or lockdown .

The story begins when a 30-year-old Chinese woman, known only as Wang, went to meet her blind date for dinner at home on January 6 in her hometown of Zhengzhou.

“I’m getting old now, my family introduced me (to someone to do) 10 blind dates,” he said in a video on social media,” he said in a video on social media.

“On the fifth date (he) wanted to show off his cooking skills and invited me to his house for dinner,” he said as quoted from CNN, Friday (14/1/2022).

Suddenly, the city government in central China imposed a lockdown as it grappled with the outbreak corona virus . Worse, he only found out after finishing eating and preparing to go home.

(The situation) was fine when I came. Then after dinner when I was just about to leave, the situation COVID Zhengzhou suddenly got worse,” he said, according to the Australian Broadcasting Company quoted by Newsweek.

The situation forced him to spend a few days in the apartment of someone he didn’t know at all. Finally, Wang posted videos of his unexpected cohabitation experience on social media, showing his date cooking food for him, sweeping the floor and working on his laptop.

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