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Superfood for a healthy intestine

The eating habits of modern society are often characterized by heavily processed and sugary foods, fast food and too much meat.

All of these can be causes of sluggish bowel movements, irritable bowel syndrome or frequent diarrhea.

Psyllium husk have been used as a remedy for a good 1000 years, we have only had the superfood trend for a few years.

The psyllium husk thus joins the ranks of nutritious and well-known superfoods such as chia, linseed, goji berries, maca and acai.

Why are psyllium husks so healthy?

Commodity psyllium husk


  • Fiber Bombs: At least 30 grams of fiber are taken every day German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommended. However, many have problems in consuming this amount through food. Psyllium husks contain a particularly high proportion of fiber – 100 grams contain an average of 70 grams of fiber. However, you should take a maximum of two teaspoons (approx. 10 grams) a day. When consuming, it is important to absorb a lot of liquid at the same time.
  • Outside hui: The husks of psyllium in particular contain many mucilages, which have a very high swelling capacity and support intestinal activity by helping the chyme to get through the digestive tract quickly.
  • Detox superfood: Psyllium husk is a natural helper that gently cleanses the intestines and frees the body of both toxins and disease-causing pollutants.
  • Digestive aids: They bind liquids strongly and are a gentle remedy for diarrhea. The high content of soluble fiber, which is not absorbed by the body, also helps to make the bowel easier. The volume of the intestinal contents increases, which stimulates digestion and becomes mildly laxative.
  • Diet helper: The fiber helps to digest carbohydrates very slowly and thus avoid food cravings. Due to the large volume of the food, the feeling of fullness starts early and lasts longer.
  • Natural remedy: Psyllium husk can be used to support type 2 diabetes. They keep the insulin level constant and thus relieve the pancreas. In addition, they have a lowering effect on elevated cholesterol levels. They can help make an acidified body more alkaline and their antioxidant flavonides protect the cardiovascular system.

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Nutrients and ingredients

in 100 grams (average)

Calories 187
protein 2.5
Coal Haydrate 4.0
fat 0.5
Dietary fiber 78.0

Bake with psyllium husk flour

In addition to the psyllium husk, the use of Psyllium husk flour. You should never replace other types of flour 1: 1 – but they can be mixed as needed. The varieties are very good for this: walnut flour, almond flour, soy flour as well as linseed flour or flaxseed meal.

Both the carbohydrate content and the total calories are reduced significantly and the psyllium husk flour can be wonderfully integrated into a calorie-conscious low-carb diet.

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Seed bread, low carb, high protein

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