Surprise, Jennifer Lopez says she was not Paid to Star In Hustlers


And this is not the case, as in a recent interview, Jennifer Lopez herself asked the following statement:

An interesting phenomenon is that one is regarded as a talented person, on demand and usually be awesome as Jennifer Lopez and he is making a film without reducing any money. On the one hand, her enthusiasm by acknowledging that fact is one that would show the competitor seriously. Lopez wanted to do the job, and he did not care how she did it; and as a result she took on the role of Ramona nest / strike mother.

But on the other hand, the film made very good. The New York Magazine article “The Hustlers At Scores” was made on a budget of around $ 20 million, and $ 148.5 million was introduced worldwide in its theatrical release. It's not certain that Jennifer Lopez's real life is not addressed Hustlers partner, Samantha Barbash; but if you read a Barbash statement about why she should get compensation, this story gets a lot more funny. Trust me.

While the GQ paragraph says that this fact discussed Jennifer Lopez was not paid to a star or a product Hustlersit states that it was finally likely to be reimbursed, as she says that she was not “paid-in” to make the picture.

This could be taken as an indicator that Jennifer Lopez was likely to have engaged in play, which should he t Hustlers to be quite successful in theaters, you get a certain percentage of the end. Looking at the above figures, it is probably safe to say that J Lo was paid later, although she was probably as sure. More than likely, enough to give her full-time holiday leave after all those sweet dance movements so learn.

Still, Jennifer Lopez did not jump on board clearly without as much as she was paid to the beginning of youth Hustlers' tell a true story journey in a terrible way. And his belief in the film more important than any monetary gain, there must be a smile on his face taking these possible awards on the board. As Oscar pools are starting to name her almost as a nominee for the Best Actor in the derby this year, you can pledge that a slightly wider grin with every stunning review has praised her work. For the woman to retell itself, this kind of love does not protect.

Hustlers available on UHD 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD on December 10, with the HD HD hitting film on 26 November.


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