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Suski about the EU: He treats us like a worse nation, a whipping boy, he tries to break us

I know a few people recommended by the prime minister who work in state-owned companies. They are professionals and it is nothing extraordinary. This is not the prime minister’s family – this is how the Guest of Radio ZET, Marek Suski, comments on the information of the journalist of Radio ZET, Mariusz Gierszewski. It is a list of nearly 100 people who, on the recommendation of Mateusz Morawiecki, went to state-owned companies, e.g. to ORLEN, LOT or PKO SA

What’s wrong with that? There are competitions, but they are simply good professionals. Not all functions are included in the contests, some are nominations and the prime minister has an opportunity here – says the deputy head of the PiS club. Suski emphasizes that it is “building a certain high quality in various institutions”. The politician emphasizes that these are not people associated with party membership, and that Morawiecki, when he came to Law and Justice, took a group of professional people with him. – Nowhere in the world is there that when there is a prime minister in power, people in various places are completely unknown to him, he knows nothing about them – says the Guest of Radio ZET. According to Marek Suski, Poland has problems with human resources today, because many talented people have gone abroad.

Asked by Beata Lubecka about how Law and Justice is going – the announced – fight against nepotism, the deputy head of the club replies: – I don’t know … in my family I don’t have people in managerial positions in State Treasury companies, so I’m not particularly interested in this. When asked how many people from the families of PiS politicians lost their jobs in state-owned companies, Marek Suski replies that he knows a few examples, but underlines: – It is also the case that among the family members of PiS politicians there are very talented, qualified, educated people who have experience. Suski emphasizes that “it would be difficult to adopt a strategy that everyone, regardless of whether they are qualified or a good specialist, must leave only because they have someone with PiS in their family”. In his opinion, it would be an exaggeration.

Marek Suski: As long as we are in power, we will not agree to a wedding of people of the same sex

In Poland, there is no such institution of same-sex marriage in the constitution. So far, we do not plan to amend the constitution – says the Guest of Radio ZET, Marek Suski, when asked by Beata Lubecka about the resolution of the European Parliament, according to which same-sex marriage and civil partnerships should be recognized throughout the European Union. – Do we have to agree with everything? [z europarlamentem – red.] – asks the deputy head of the PiS club. In his opinion, in Poland “many people live without getting married and it is a kind of partnership”. He adds that “if people connect with each other and want to be together, then the registration is to take a civil marriage.” Same-Sex Wedding? – The constitution does not allow it, and as long as we are in power, we will not agree to it – Marek Suski firmly announces.

While in Brussels, I heard that in our country people are in prisons for carrying flowers in the streets, that it is worse than in Aleppo, that there are tanks in the streets. They should be counted with words – says Marek Suski, deputy head of the PiS club, on the Internet part of the program “Guest of Radio ZET”. According to the politician, there are attempts to turn Poland into a “whipping boy”. – And it outrages me. I used harsh words [brukselski okupant – red.], but harsh words and false accusations are also used towards Poland. We’ll be paying war reparations in a moment – comments the guest of Beata Lubecka. Asked by the host about whether his words were too strong, Marek Suski replies: – What is a demand for recognition of the superiority of EU law over Polish law, a demand to withdraw the question from the Constitutional Tribunal, and if not, then we will be starved? It reminded me of Oświęcim and the starvation of Poles – he adds. – The dogs are the last ones hanging on us, and we are supposed to say they spit on us, but the rain is raining and nothing happened, let’s not use harsh words? We are accused, we are threatened, and there must be a hard answer – says a PiS politician. In his opinion, those who were the occupiers are teaching us today how to live. – I apologize to everyone who may have been offended by my harsh words, but (…) I am being attacked for defending Polish sovereignty – explains Suski. The guest of Radio ZET estimates that it is a loss of sovereignty if EU law is in force in Poland, not Polish law. Asked by Beata Lubecka whether the PiS president would endorse the phrase “Brussels occupier”, Marek Suski replies: – I think not, but I think Jarosław Kaczyński also notices that they are trying to break us. According to Suski, “we must defend ourselves”.

“The Senate is anti-TVN”

When asked about the future of Lex TVN, Marek Suski is not able to say what it will be like. – It is the Senate that is actually anti-TVN, because it has not adopted the amendments that, inter alia, were to be a convenience for broadcasters who broadcast via satellite, i.e. TVN24 – says the Guest of Radio ZET. – We hear that, however, the company that owns TVN started looking for a European partner, which was omitted and in some ways caused great hysteria at TVN, because they were afraid that by failing to comply with the Polish law, they could face what those who do not respect the law – says the politician.

When asked by the listener who is the better prime minister – Jarosław Kaczyński or Mateusz Morawiecki – Marek Suski replies: – I have been cooperating with Jarosław Kaczyński for 32 years and I value him very highly. – In my opinion, yes [lepszy jest Kaczyński – red.] – believes the PiS politician. Asked by Beata Lubecka about what the current prime minister lacks then, Suski replies that “Jarosław Kaczyński has a lot of experience”.

The price of a cube of butter? – When I go to the stores, I have a list from my wife and I do shopping in bulk. I do not look at prices, because there are stripes on the products, there are no prices. I do not pay attention. I never went to the store and bought only butter – says the guest of Radio ZET.



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